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What a strange days its been as more people voice opinions on the apparent “go to your room” punishment of Mike Wilner.

I contacted the program director at the Fan 590 early this am and was very politely told that Mike had the weekend off.

Bill Houston in his blog had some choice words for Kollins:

“A radio executive with a backbone would have politely listened to the Jays grievance. His response would have been to do nothing other than perhaps ask Wilner to not accuse Gaston of belittling him when the situation was more likely a give and take between two people who don’t like each other much.

But not Kollins. Showing himself to be a world class coward, he bowed to the Jays and suspended Wilner, thereby embarrassing himself, not Wilner and the station. He didn’t even have the guts or the courtesy to respond to calls from the Post. I’d like to think Kollins predecessor, Nelson Millman would have handled the matter differently.”

Wow! Thems fighting words.

The problem is I don’t think its that simple at team Rogers. My sense is that someone pretty high up on the media side led this and the directions were clear. I am hopeful that Kollins will share more later.

Honestly, irrespective of what you think of Wilner its hard to see how this looks good for Rogers. If your an employee with a keyboard or mic woud you feel free to comment on anything within the family? It certainly creates the impression that self criticism won’t be tolerated. That’s not good.

Jeff Blair took to twitter with this comment “today’s lesson: if you really want an answer, ask the manager one on one. Don’t show him up in a group. Basic reporting: its not about u”

Jeremy Sandler was pointed at Rogers as well:

“Attention all employees of Rogers communications inc. feel free to half ass your jobs from now on…. How else can one interpret the decision of Rogers to suspend Mike Wilner for some legitimate pre game questioning” (I edited that down)

Personally I think it reeks. I really do. It goes against what guys like Wilner and Berger do. Love em or loathe them its their jobs. Cito, like Wilson is a grown man who needs no protection. If Cito feels Wilner’s crossed the line don’t ya think he’ll handle it his way? It sounds like Cito handled it in the interview. Wilner said he wasn’t going to talk to him again. Should have been the end.

The irony to me is that Wilner appears to love to dish it but not take it. He talks to fans as Cito talked to him and he “wrote Cito off”. Who needs to be talked to that way, was what he said right? How many times have u said the same thing listening to wilners post game show when he hammered a caller?

Did Wilner deserve what he got from Cito…maybe (at best). Did he have the right to question the skipper? Hell yes. Does he have the right to express that on a corporate blog? I guess we need to know what the Rogers corporate policy is.

Personally, I think a company like Rogers looks foolish, cheap and childish here. It stinks from the rafters down. I don’t blame 590 nearly as much as I do the corp folks at Rogers for this. Every time I hear any Rogers media member talk about a Rogers product, sports team or product I’m going to wonder just how much censorship is going on at the house that Ted built.

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