The Curious Case Of Mike Wilner

Well well well. Isn’t this just odd. For years I have heard that the Toronto Blue Jays were the only team in town that was difficult with respect to press issues. The word was that they put all kinds of pressure on their rights holders.

When JP left things seemed to change and as I’ve written, they changed for the better. The biggest change I noticed was that Mike Wilner seemed to become much less of a homer and way more balanced.

This has been evident to me on multiple occasions when he has taken to the air or his blog and criticized Toronto Blue Jays manager Cito Gaston.

The best example came earlier this week when Wilner wrote that he was likely finished talking to the manager as a result of the manner in which Cito treated him in front of his peers. Right I wrong I really respected Wilner for writing what he did.

Well, apparently someone within the Rogers empire didn’t share that opinion as Wilner has been sent to his room for the weekend. The national post has a good story(link to follow) with quotes from the baseball writers association who have already saught clairty on the situation.

This isn’t a good thing for Rogers to have done. As you know, our fav media member Howard Berger has gotten into tussels with Ron Wilson and Brian Burke or leaf ownership in the past for saying much more degrading things then Wilner wrote. Berger hasn’t been suspended- even though his words have brought legal action against his employers or threatened legal action.

Hell, Bill Watters is way more critical and way more personal in his attacks on MLSE, owners of the Leafs, yet his station 640 Toronto has the radio rights to the Leafs. While photos of Wilbur may have been removed I’m fairly certain he’s never been punished via suspension for his words.

I’m trying to get comments from the folks at the Fan but so far no dice. Jays prez Paul Beeston was said to be unaware of the situation so this one bears watching!

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