First Sign of Dominance: Group D has a Winner

It was about a month ago that the German national squad was dealt a huge blow: captain Michael Ballack would not be playing in the World Cup due to an ankle injury. From June 2005 to the present, Germany has never lost a game when Ballack has scored.
Without the guidance of their captain, many people thought an early exit from the tournament was in order. At the very least, this team was sure to struggle in the opening, right? Not quite!
After a dominating performance today, Germany not only earned 3 points but they also separated themselves as the clear front runner in Group D.
Four different players scored for the German squad on a total of 16 shots. Their technical game was almost flawless and the German attacking game was the best in the tournament thus far.
Australia was always considered the under-dog going into the game but the fact is that they were out-played. Germany played great as a team; almost everyone was contributing in some way.
Its easy to forget that Germany has had great results in the past few competitions: in 2006 the Germans placed 3rd in the World Cup followed by a 2nd place finish in the Euro Cup 2 years ago. Through both of those competitions, Germany seemed to be missing something that would push them to the top.
Just one game into this tournament, Germany appears to have a little extra flair that was not there in the past. This squad will come out on top of Group D, then the real challenge will begin.
Next up. Germany will face a tougher Serbian team, but have no fear: this team is a force to be reckoned with.

Day 3 Results
Group C
Slovenia 1-0 Algeria

Group D
Ghana 1-0 Serbia
Germany 4-0 Australia

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