Houston Still Has It

Score one for Bill Houston. As I’ve been saying for some time word on the street is that changes are coming sooner rather than later at the fan 590.

Bill Houston clearly still has his ear to the ground as his blog today is the first I had heard of george stroumboulopoulos taking over the morning show from at least Don Landry and perhaps Gord Stellick.

I was told, by multiple sources that changes weren’t going to be made initally to the morning show and that Steliick and Landry would like ride out their current contracts.

I have been told by a few people that someone else has been hired for part of the mid day programming, some time after the morning slot yet before Mccown takes to the air. I will share the name that I have heard later this week. So far folks directly at the fan have declined to comment.

Will it be george stroumboulopoulos and or someone else during the day???

Time will tell.

Lasyly kudos to Houston for the obituary of Fado.ca. Mccowns blog site. Didn’t notice it had been shut down.

Update: my radio gurus are telling me that george stroumboulopoulos to the fan will sell lots of banner ads but that it’s unlikely to happen. So there ya go. My bet on the number one reason would be cost. Fan isn’t looking to add another mccown type salary to the cost structure.. Again just a hunch.

More on whom I am hearing has been hired later


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Raptors Devotee
Raptors Devotee
June 14, 2010 10:29 pm

The Fan hit a homerun if what Houston is reporting comes to fruition. George fricken Stroumboulopoulis? Shaddup! What a coup if this happens. Talk about two powerful book-ends, with Strombo at the controls for the morning drive and McCown for the evening drive.

As a hard-core sports fanatic who lives and breathes sports necessity forces me at times to listed to Stellick/Landry, but most of the time I can’t tolerate it, and head over to Oakley and AM 640. With Strombo there I will have no reason to switch.

TMZ, can you dig up when Landry/Stellick’s contracts run out, as it would be great to know when Strombo takes over. Of course, we do not have 100% confirmation on this, but there seems to be enough smoke for it to be happening.

I just saw your postscript about the FAN not wanting to take on Strombo and his McCownlike salary. I hope that is not the case. The reason why they should do it is because Toronto is big enough for a second sports station, and AM 640 has already shifted more and more programming to sports coverage. When you have an opportunity to improve your morning ratings which also drives the ratings for the rest of the day it would be foolish to pass it up, but budgets are budgets, so that could be a big red light.

TMZ, I am also looking forward to seeing the name you are alluding to later this week. The reality is that the FAN will never be the ESPN radio of Canada, but there is certainly lots of room for improvement. The new PD seems to be taking this to heart, which is a good thing.

P.S. Re: Wilnergate, Bruce Arthurs tweeted me that McCown is thinking about going on the air publically with his thoughts on it. Given his history with Cito and to a lesser extent Rogers (which is more for show than anything else) I can understand why he is being careful about this . I have no doubt that he was briefed to let it be, and to avoid comment on it, but knowing McCown, the urge to express his opinions on it are so strong, that he is having a problem deciding on what to do. If McCown says nothing, or minimizes it, then we know that he is protecting his ass. If he gives his feeling candidly on the air about it, then kudos to him. The fact that he did not address it at 4:05 p.m. today opening his show already shows me that he is going to stay quiet on this one, as the keg of dynamite is waiting for him, and he does not want to light it. He has traditionally jumped on any huge news like this in the past at the first available opportunity, and the fact that he hasn’t speaks volumes of just how powerful Rogers is right now, running all aspects of their empire.

June 14, 2010 10:38 pm

Interesting! What would you guys think of Strombo in the morning slot? I think it’s a pretty cool idea. Certainly it’s a major change.

I like that he isn’t just a sports host as well. Personally I like it when The Fan veers off topic from just hardcore sports talk. Sort of reminds me of when they hired Derringer.

TSM – any idea of which of Hogan, HC at Noon or Gameplan might be replaced?

Mike S
Mike S
June 14, 2010 10:41 pm

Strombo would be an interesting choice……………however I’m not sure why he would do it (getting up at 4:00 is not for everybody) and I’m not sure why CBC would let him do it……………and the money it would take to get it done would go against a lot of what we have heard about Rogers trying to cut costs

June 14, 2010 11:19 pm

Well – the cutting cost thing was pretty much just coming from Julian 🙂

June 15, 2010 8:43 pm

Stumbo being the morning show host would be huge. It wouldn’t just change sports radio, or AM radio, but even FM radio. It’s a totally fresh concept and a great get. I would put it as the biggest signing since 640 got Oakley to be there morning host away from CFRB. Oakley give 640 credibility they didn’t really have with a big name. Strumbo would certainly bring the Fan to a newer demo.

I am with you again Daniel, I like the more casual shows/segments. I first got into the Fan was that bridge hour they did when Fan first begin where Stelleck afternoon show would connect with Shaulman/McCown PTS. They would host an hour together with Barb and it was just general sports and pop culture stuff and as a person who was much more in the “FM radio” demo I listened to that because it was fun. Some of their overnight weekend shows were a lot of fun too.

I don’t read Bill too often but good stuff on this article. McCown shutting down Fadoo isn’t that surprising, not sure have anybody here was a regular to that site. I don’t think I ever went. The way he hyped it, it never sounded he was too into it. It sounded more like “Hey people like this new media stuff, so I guess I should do something” type of attitude. I’ve seen non-sports people do that and some sports people and when you go into with that attitude you can tell they never really do it too well.

See some of the soccer ratings he put up, even though I always expected there was a stronger soccer audience than what most media want to admit, I didn’t expect getting regular million viewers for most of the games. That’s pretty huge. I have noticed more general interest in the tournament than I have before.

Mike S
Mike S
June 15, 2010 10:54 pm

FMT is right……………in the early 1990’s the hour from 3:00 to 4:00 that Shulman/McCown/Digiulio used to do was refreshing and a lot of fun………….I think they called it “Lady and the Tramps”

I even liked it when Digiulio used to appear for 10 minutes each day on Swirsky’s show………..now all she does is updates and we hardly ever hear her

June 16, 2010 5:49 pm

Interesting you bring up Shulman’s name… he has scaled back his ESPN profile this summer… I wonder if he could be the unnamed person as he would certainly add something…

June 16, 2010 10:24 pm

OK TSM, you teased us earlier in the week by saying you had more to tell us on the Fan hire.

Time to spill the beans…

The Meatriarchy
June 18, 2010 8:59 am

If the fan signs that annoying socialist hipster (Strombo) I will no longer listen to them in the morning.

UNLESS they paired him with Don Cherry – that would be GOLD!!

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