Houston Still Has It

Score one for Bill Houston. As I’ve been saying for some time word on the street is that changes are coming sooner rather than later at the fan 590.

Bill Houston clearly still has his ear to the ground as his blog today is the first I had heard of george stroumboulopoulos taking over the morning show from at least Don Landry and perhaps Gord Stellick.

I was told, by multiple sources that changes weren’t going to be made initally to the morning show and that Steliick and Landry would like ride out their current contracts.

I have been told by a few people that someone else has been hired for part of the mid day programming, some time after the morning slot yet before Mccown takes to the air. I will share the name that I have heard later this week. So far folks directly at the fan have declined to comment.

Will it be george stroumboulopoulos and or someone else during the day???

Time will tell.

Lasyly kudos to Houston for the obituary of Fado.ca. Mccowns blog site. Didn’t notice it had been shut down.

Update: my radio gurus are telling me that george stroumboulopoulos to the fan will sell lots of banner ads but that it’s unlikely to happen. So there ya go. My bet on the number one reason would be cost. Fan isn’t looking to add another mccown type salary to the cost structure.. Again just a hunch.

More on whom I am hearing has been hired later


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