Upset Number One

Before the 2010 World Cup began, many people chose Spain and Brazil as the two favorites to win the tournament.
Yesterday, Brazil narrowly beat North Korea 2-1 in Group G action. Today, Spain suffered a surprise 1-0 loss to Switzerland which leaves them tied with Honduras at 0 points in the bottom of Group H. It was just Spain’s second loss in the passed 50 games.
Spain played a good game, out-shooting Switzerland 24-8 and maintaining possession for over 60% of the time. But the team seemed over-anxious, always going for the extra pass instead of getting a shot on net. Spain’s manager Vicente Del Bosque chose not to start Fernando Torres and Cesc Fabregas and when Torres came in as a substitute he appeared sluggish and uncomfortable at times.
Many people are saying that Switzerland got lucky but that’s not fair. Spain didn’t do a great job on the defensive side of the ball today and Switzerland kept them out once they gained a lead. This is the first time in 19 tries that the Swiss have defeated Spain. They deserved the victory and possibly a spot in the next round.
Earlier in the day, Chile was impressive in its 1-0 victory over Honduras. They outshot their opponents 20-7 and held possession of the ball for 56% of the game. Most importantly, they picked up the victory and the 3 points.
Still, Spain has two more games to earn some points and advance but the European champs can’t afford to lose anymore. This tournament goes by a lot faster than it seems and an early loss in the group stages could mean the end for any team.

Day 6 Results
Group H
Chile 1-0 Honduras
Switzerland 1-0 Spain

Group A
Uruguay 3-0 South Africa

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