Resilient and Brilliant but it is too Late?

On day two of the 2010 World Cup, South Korea defeated Greece 2-0. The Greek team played a horrible game and it seemed like their days in this tournament were numbered. Today, Greece took on Nigeria and the match started off pretty much the same way. The Greek team seemed to be lacking motivation to attack and put pressure on Nigeria.
In the 30th minute, Nigerian forward Sani Kaita received a straight red card and suddenly the momentum began to change.
Next, Georgis Samaras entered the game, adding more options for Greece on the attack. Finally, in the 44th minute, Dimitrios Salpingidis scored the first ever goal for Greece in the World Cup.
The inspired effort continued for Greece who scored the go ahead goal in the second half and eventually went on to win 2-1. The victory was just the first ever for Greece in the World Cup but they have only appeared in the tournament once before. In 1994, Greece qualified for its first World Cup but failed to make it passed group play. Coincidentally, both Nigeria and Argentina were in the same group as Greece in ’94. Argentina crushed Greece 4-0 with a goal coming from Diego Maradona and Nigeria beat Greece 2-0.
But is it too late for this team this year?
In its final game of group play, Greece takes on a very strong Argentina team. Under the guidance of Coach Maradona, Argentina has won each of its two games.
Greece played a good game today and made history in its victory. Unfortunately, it won’t be enough to earn a spot in the next round and Argentina will be the team to send them out the door.

Day 7 Results
Group A
Mexico 2-0 France

Group B
Argentina 4-1 South Korea
Greece 2-1 Nigeria

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June 18, 2010 8:55 pm

I usually find myself cheering for the underdogs, but I have a difficult time cheering for Greece, they play a pretty unappealing game. I think Nigeria was playing better than Greece before the red card and I think the Greek guy exaggerated the kick on him, but saying that the Nigeria guy was totally dumb to do a kicking motion towards him on the sidelines.

My favorite underdog team of Group B is South Korea, they will just go for it and entertaining to watch with their speed, maybe not the best strategy with an obvious more talented team like Argentina but that attitude gets the thumbs up to wanting to go to the next round.

France looks awful, I know Henry might not be the player he was, but it was sad seeing him on the bench and not being put on. He couldn’t be worse than what they have out there now.. So Mexico and Uruguay play each other in the final group game, and if they tie they both go advance. If they are smart I think I know what going to happen. It will be a McCown classic lol.

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