Portugal, Meet Brazil

Before the World Cup even started, Group G was known as the Group of Death.
Brazil, Portugal and Ivory Coast were expected to have pretty strong teams and North Korea was the wild card. But the first round of matches from Group G didn’t produce any spectacular moments.
Today, Portugal absolutely crushed North Korea 7-0, finally brining plenty of offensive action to the tournament. Portugal played a solid game but a loss would have been a big upset; they were highly favored to win. The real test will come on Friday when Portugal collides with Brazil in a match of the monsters.
Brazil has already clinched a spot in the next round, following two straight victories in group play. The Brazilian team is the oldest in the tournament but has shown no signs of slowing down. One key thing to remember is that Kaka received a second yellow card in the last game against Ivory Coast and will not be eligible to play. He played a big role in two Brazil goals and will definitely be missed on the field.
Portugal won 7-0 today but the massive scored doesn’t automatically mean that they are the strongest team in the tournament. The team played well today and deserved the victory. Cristiano Ronaldo scored his first goal in a competitive match for the Portuguese team since the 2008 Euro Cup.
Still, Brazil and Portugal are very evenly matched which should make for an interesting game.
Brazil will earn the top spot in Group G but Portugal will follow closely behind.

Day 11 ResultsGroup G
Portugal 7-0 North Korea

Group H
Chile 1-0 Switzerland
Spain 2-0 Honduras

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June 22, 2010 6:03 pm

The great unknown is where is Spain going to finish. They are currently in second, but if they win in impressive fashion they might finish first. But if they tie or have a close win vs. Chile and Switzerland has a big game vs Honduras, Spain can still finish in second I think either of these teams you mentioned might wonder if Spain finishes second it might not be a great thing to finish first to face them in the next round. Of course who knows how North Korea is going to react, can they just lay down and let Ivory Coast get even more goals on them? Lots of unknowns going into the final day of group stage.

CR goal was highlight goodness, controlling it with his back, pretty cool!

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