Greg Brady Gone From Bill Watters Show

So, as we told you around 4pm, the winds of change have finally blown through 2 Toronto radio stations.

Greg Brady has left 640 Toronto for what we can only assume are “greener” pastures over at the fan 590. All references to Brady appear to have been removed from the 640 Toronto website.

Nothing is entirely clear right now, but as I wrote earlier, here is what I think is going to happen:

Changes are going to happen to the morning show. I am pretty sure Brady isn’t going there. I am lead to believe that Don Landry’s contract is set to expire some time soon. Gord Stellick’s I believe has at least another year remaining.

Despite Krystal’s denial, I do believe he will end up at the Fan and I do believe he will sit in the slot currently held by Mike Hogan.

I do believe that Brady will take over part of the hosting duties of hockey central at noon and host part of the mid day show at the Fan leading up to Mccown’s prime time sports.

As for who takes over for Brady, I have no clue. There probably isn’t a shortage of guys who’d be willing to take the gig.

Brady confirmed on twitter his exit from 640 and the Watters show:

“Just wanted to say thanks for your notes. It was a real emotional day. 640 treated me remarkably, so classy, and my bosses were wonderful.”

“I will miss all the fun I had with Watters. He treated me golden, but this move is equally exciting & being home for family more is huge.”

“Not sure when I’ll be on the radio again or what exactly I will be doing, but I’m as excited as Dion Phaneuf was when he got traded here.”

So….that’s it for now….

Sticking with radio and 640 Toronto, I am curious what you all think about something I heard on their airwaves at roughly 740am today.

As you are probably aware, late last night the auction for the Paul Henderson team Canada jersey closed. The winning bid was in excess of a million dollars. The newspapers this morning had the sale, and the price but not the buyer. When I got in the car, I learned the following, the jersey was sold to a resident of Toronto, a Canadian man, a real estate magnate and the owner of a Vaughn shopping mall company. One station provided the owners name.

James MacPhee, 640 Toronto’s News Director read the story of the sale of the jersey. He read the story except he added at the end that the jersey was purchased by a “Jewish man from Toronto”.

Now, I will admit, I was driving at the time and I nearly drove into a pole with I heard MacPhee’s report. Let me be clear, I didn’t find the commentary to be rude, insensitive or in anyway based on hatred. What I did think was how irrelevant the comment was and my curiosity grew as to why MacPhee would even go there… I mean what the hell did the buyer’s religion have to do with anything?

So, I asked a handful of people this morning if I was out of my mind. All, without exception agreed that it was a bizarre comment to make and pushed me to inquire as to why it was made.

So I sent a few emails and ended up on the phone with MacPhee. MacPhee politely laughed when I asked him why he mentioned that the purchaser of the Henderson jersey was a Jewish man from Toronto. He offered that he “just threw it out there because he knew the buyer was Jewish.”

Now again…I am NOT suggesting any hatred, bias, racism or otherwise on the part of MacPhee or 640. I’m not looking for an apology. The question does remain however, why would someone make that type of comment while reading the news. If Mitchell Goldhar, the buyer of the jersey was Italian, or Irish, would the comment have been “the buyer is an Italian (Irish) man from Toronto”?

Maybe I am truly nuts. But it says here that MacPhee (who’s work I really like- I have written here before that I like the humor and life he brings to his work) said something stupid and that others with much thinner skin than mine would find tremendously insensitive… my advice- for the little that it’s worth…think before you speak.



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