Pam Shriver…Loud Talker

In case you missed it yesterday, the biggest news of the day was THIS! Fast forward to 4:30 on the video for the good stuff!!

James Blake freaked (with good reason) on ESPN commentator and former tennis player Pam Shriver for talking too loud during a match in which he was already visibly frustrated.

If you can’t hear exactly whats being said, basically Shriver is enjoying the sound of her own voice and Blake screams out, “I can’t belive you played tennis, I can still hear you.”

Say what you will about tennis being a stuffy sport, but those are the rules and if you want loud, head down to your nearest World Team Tennis match.

I digress, Shriver continues to defend herself while play is going on and no doubt the best part of the exchange is when Blake screams out “You wanna be an ass about it and act like I’m at fault?”

The bottom line is that this is Wimbledon, it’s a big deal to the players and those people that aren’t on the court should be respectful of the players and keep quiet. That goes for fans, commentators, and anyone else that happens to be within ears reach of the court.

Moving on to today’s news, Federer has been bumped from Centre Court for the first time since 2007. He’ll be facing 152 ranked Serbian Ilija Bozoljac on Court One. It’s just one more step in the mighty fall of Roger Federer.

Stay tuned folks and don’t be surprised if for the second straight Grand Slam we don’t see Federer in the semis.

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