No Surprises Today

After defeating the defending champs and securing a spot in the final 16, Slovakia’s World Cup run is over.

From the beginning of the match, it was clear that the Netherlands had a much more experienced team. Slovakia put up a respectable fight but the Netherlands prevailed, taking the match 2-1. Arjen Robben was brilliant for Holland although the team as a whole didn’t play its best. Slovakia finally found the back of the net in injury time but it was too little too late.

The other match of the day featured Brazil and Chile in a South American showdown. Brazil dominated for most of the match, beating Chile 3-0. After sitting out the last game against Portugal, Kaka returned to the field. Although he didn’t score, he definitely had a positive impact and helped create many scoring opportunities for Brazil.

The Netherlands will take on Brazil in the quarterfinals on Friday. Up until this point, the Netherlands haven’t really been challenged in this tournament. They dominated the group stage, winning all of their matches but the group they were in was a fairly easy group. The real test for Holland will come against Brazil and I don’t think they are up for the challenge. The strong attacking Brazilian team will prove to be too much to handle.

If the curse of the Nike Commercial continues, Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo should probably just pack their bags now.

Here’s to hoping the questionable officiating doesn’t ruin the rest of the tournament!

Day 18 Results
Netherlands 2-1 Slovakia

Brazil 3-0 Chile

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