Deal or no deal?

July 1st is NBA free agency day and a lot more people seem to be talking about Chris Bosh more than usual. After hearing Raptors general manager Bryan Colangelo saying that he doesn’t think Bosh will resign with the Toronto Raptors, things are looking pretty bad.

I don’t know if I would blame CB4 for leaving. The Raptors haven’t advanced past the first round of the playoffs in the seven years Bosh has spent donning the red and black. If the Miami Heat or the Chicago Bulls sweeten the pot and wine and dine him properly, Bosh will be packing his bags and heading south of the border. Honestly though, if he decides to sign with the Heat he could be taking a backseat to Dwyane Wade. Wade is currently the Miami Heat franchise player and should Wade resign with the Heat, it’s unlikely that Bosh will be able to supplant Wade from that role.

Speaking of Wade, there’s lots of speculation that he, LeBron James and Chris Bosh could end up playing together on the same team, creating the official dream team of professional sports. It seems like a no brainer that they would win championships but the question is…who gets the BALL? All three of them are used to being THE man, the guy in the spotlight, and there is only one ball. Can you imagine LeBron having to share the spotlight? Did I say that? Yes I did!

So lets play deal or no deal. Does Bosh stay in Toronto where he will be the franchise player and attempt to rebuild the Raptors, HIS team? Or does he abandon ship and not look back? If he leaves, I can assure you he will be booed unmercifully. The fans will make Vince Carter look like a hero compared to how Bosh gets treated.

Then there is Dwyane Wade, did the website that the Heat launched actually convince him to stay with the Heat? I think he should stay, even though they got destroyed in the playoffs, he and his team still have a good thing going. He appears to like Miami and I’m not sure why he would elect to leave.

Lastly there is LeBron James. In my opinion, James is not going anywhere. He is the King of the city of Cleveland. He’s from nearby Akron and has been an Ohio resident for his entire life. Why leave now when things appear to be going so well. I know someone is reading this saying, “Going well? Ummm, are you forgetting James has yet to win the big one, he doesn’t have a ring yet?” Obviously I didn’t forget, but he makes a ton of dough with the Cavaliers, it’s his home and if they put the right parts around him he could bring the championship title to his home and get his ring. Shaquille O’Neal helped Bryant get his rings, so maybe O’Neal can help LBJ now.

This is going to be an interesting couple of days. There is a lot of hype surrounding this free agency class as well there should be. I will be sitting in front of my computer refreshing every 30 seconds to see what happens with these players along with the other 22 that are up for grabs!

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