Narrowing Down the Field

The top ranked team in the world is no longer in contention for the World Cup and they only have themselves to blame.

Just 10 minutes into the match, Robinho scored an impressive goal to give Brazil a 1-0 lead. They dominated for most of the first half and it seemed as though a spot in the finals was all but set. Not very many teams have the ability to come back after falling behind so early in a game and being out played.

But the second half of this match was almost completely different from the first. Nobody wants to be Brazil’s Felipe Melo right now. Early in the second half, Melo accidentally hit the ball into his own net, and the game was tied at 1 a piece. Brazil seemed defeated while the Netherlands gained momentum and continued to fire at the net. Wesley Sneijder finally gave the Deutsch the lead, scoring his third goal of the tournament.

Cue the return of Melo. A frustrating game ended with Melo receiving a red card for an absolutely brutal foul when he stomped on the leg of Robben. And that was the end of Brazil, but being a host in 4 years leaves them with plenty of possibility. Although, Dunga will not be the man to lead them any more.

The Netherlands meanwhile, picked up four yellow cards in the match and will be without Gregory Van Der Wiel and Nigel De Jong in their next match up. Their opponent? None other than Uruguay who battled Ghana in one of the most exciting games so far.

Reglulation ended in a 1-1 tie, forcing the game into overtime. Ghana came very close to winning the match when Asamoah Gyan took the final shot in extra time but Luis Suarez used a hand ball to keep Uruguay alive. Suarez will not be available for the next game but he saved his team from elimination with that play.

Ghana should have been awarded an automatic goal. Check it out.

The intense match ended with penalty kicks where Uruguay excelled, winning 4-2.

The Netherlands defeated one South American team today, will they have enough in them to take out Uruguay? It’s going to be a tight match, but both teams have what it takes to move on.

Still, I wonder what ever happend to Italy and France.

Quarter-final Results
Netherlands 2-1 Brazil

Uruguay 1-1 Ghana
Uruguay won on penalty kicks 4-2

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July 2, 2010 11:05 pm

We can never again say cheaters never prosper . Uruguay Suarez literally grabbed the victory away from Ghana by purposely knocking the ball out with his hand. I agree with you, that should be considered an automatic goal because the red card didn’t hurt Uruguay at all in the game because the game was over. I was cheering for Uruguay during the game but ended up cheering for Ghana, whatever that was worth lol.

I at times wonder why other sports don’t do that late in the game, like pulling the goalie and the other team has an open net and you just tackle them or a guy running for an obvious TD with no time left and somebody from the sidelines just stop him before he hits the endzone lol

I’m glad Brazil is gone, they have the talent but seemed like they wanted to play the counter-attack style which was so unnecessary for a team of this reputation and talent. They didn’t seem to be able to turn it on when the Netherlands scored a couple and Brazil didn’t seem to know how to react.

By the way, I have to ask, was the Spain goal against Portugal offside? It looked really close and in my eyes offside. But that’s not really the story as that happened a bits this tournament, but what really surprised me is that nobody is talking about it. During the game they had a quick overhead view with no slow-mo/offside shadow that they had for every other close call and then just went on to the game. The studio guys didn’t mention it either. So what’s the deal?

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