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What a fantastic weekend in the GTA and cottage country! I am pretty sure we didn’t have one of these the entire summer of 2009. So, while I was sitting dockside, checking the bb or iphone on occasion and to be honest not much was happening, I was kind of concerned about how little there would be to write about this evening. From my seat there wasn’t anything written or said since before the Maple Leafs trade with the Blackhawks that I found the least bit compelling or interesting. I was especially let down by the coverage today (Sunday).

With that said, here’s a promise. You only have to read one thing this evening or tomorrow am, as it’s that good. You may love Brian Burke or you may hate him. Same goes for Bruce Arthur. Many I know don’t care for his wit or humour and well that’s okay. Personally I think he is one of the better writers in town, despite his stance on Chris Bosh, which I disagree with, but you know what they say about opinions.

In any event, Arthur has an article in tomorrow’s National Post about the Maple Leafs grandpooba that is must reading. I am not going to provide you any clips or snippets. The story is about Brendan Burke and his father’s love and support and especially his honor this weekend when he walked with pride in the Pride parade in Toronto. As a father and a son, I especially appreciate the piece. It’s extremely moving and well written. I’ll say this as a fan of Arthur’s work both on the radio and in print, this is his finest hour. It’s only too bad the story had to be written at all.

Bruce Arthur’s column on Brian Burke’s march for his late son Brendan Burke is here.

FYI- I am really excited for this weeks edition of the TSM Pressbox for two reasons; First, we will have our first female guest which I am really thrilled about as I have been trying very hard to have a female voice on the “show”, secondly we have an exceptional guest in Norma Wick:

“A 20- year broadcasting veteran, Norma Wick covered eleven NBA seasons, six with the Raptors. In addition to her in game reports, Wick did pre and post game reports for Raptors Game Day and Post Up on Raptors NBA TV and hosted a weekly media roundtable discussion called “Full Court Press” and “Floor Level”, a weekly basketball wrap up show. She also contributed columns to

In 2003, Wick’s work with Raptors NBA TV earned her a Gemini nomination for Best Host or Interviewer in a Sports Program or Sportscast.

Wick began her career in media and broadcasting in 1986. Following a short stint in radio, she spent a season in the Canadian Football League as a Public/Media Relations manager for the BC Lions. She joined Global TV in Vancouver in 1989 where she had roles in both the sports and news department for seven years – the last five as a news anchor and reporter, covering primarily the criminal justice beat. Wick moved fulltime into the sports broadcasting field in 1996 when she joined Orca Bay Sports & Entertainment, covering both the Vancouver Canucks and Grizzlies as a reporter and host.”

If you have any questions for Norma please let me know.



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