Bikini OTD Sports Radio Tonight

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On Fan 590 Tonight-

– Jeff Blair’s co-host from 5:00 to 7:00 is James Deacon
Stephen Brunt
Alan Ashby
Jack Armstrong
Stu Laird the head of the CFLPA
Hall of Fame Reds broadcaster Marty Brennaman on Joey Votto

On 640 with Hayes and Watters thanks to Mike S.:

4:10 – OPEN PHONES – 416-870-6400, *640 on the Cell, 1-888-225-TALK

4:25 – Dave Hutchison (Former NHL Player)

4:45 – Jerry D’Amigo (Toronto Maple Leafs Prospect)

5:05 – Questionable Decision of the Day

5:10 – Marc Spears (Yahoo! Sports)

5:25 – Cito Gaston (Manager of The Toronto Blue Jays)

5:45 – Kyle Drabek (AA – New Hampshire Fishercats)

6:00 – Kristian Jack in Studio (The Score)

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