Super Team in Miami?

This Chris Bosh era in Toronto has officially ended.

Bosh appeared on ESPN today announcing his decision to play for the Miami Heat.

It is unclear whether or not Bosh left via a sign and trade. If Bosh signed with Miami without the Raptors and Heat working out a sign and trade agreement, the Raptors will get nothing in return from his departure. Bosh will also leave approximately 30 million dollars on the table.

Miami might not be done. LeBron James is appearing on ESPN tomorrow to announce his decision of where he will play next year. If Miami is able to shed Michael Beasley’s 5 million dollar contract, they will have created enough cap space to sign LeBron.

To have a little fun, lets assume that LeBron does sign with Miami.

Would a superteam of LeBron, Bosh and Wade work?


Skeptics argue that all three (especially LeBron and Wade) need to have the ball in their hands often and be the alpha male’s of their teams.

However, the simple fact is that no team in the NBA could defend all three of these players on the court at once. You cannot double team three players.

Key to the success of this dream team would be Pat Riley’s ability to court cheap veteran free agents. Riley would have the task of convincing players to accept substantial pay cuts to play along side these three all-stars in Miami. The quality of the remaining roster would be very important. The Heat would be an injury or two away from disaster, if the remaining roster spots were not filled out effectively.

In the end, I believe LeBron will resign with Cleveland to try and protect his legacy. LeBron has been drawing comparisons to Michael Jordan even before he stepped foot on an NBA court. Jordan was drafted in Chicago and won all six of his championships in Chicago. LeBron was drafted by Cleveland and has not won any championships in Cleveland.

LeBron still has some pieces available in the free agent market to try and convince to play along side him in Cleveland. Carlos Boozer and David Lee are two players who could play alongside LeBron to try and create a winning formula in Cleveland.

All I do know for sure now is that LeBron James’ announcement Thursday could change the landscape of the NBA for many years to come.

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