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    Go Raps, Go Cavs!

    I’m not letting LBJ off the hook when I say this but; his handlers really failed him. I don’t care that he decided to leave Cleveland…that’s his right…but his high paid handlers should have managed the process and the message much better. I guess a few mill in service fees don’t get you much these days.

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    Al from Burlington11 years ago

    Orlando Coach Stan Van Gundy – ”

    “It takes 15 seconds to say I’ve decided to stay in Cleveland,” Van Gundy (erroneously) told reporters in Orlando before the event. “But we’ve got another 59 minutes and 45 seconds to do, what? Promote LeBron James? As if we don’t do that enough. It’s gotten ridiculous. It’s almost like a parody of itself, this whole situation now.

    “It’s a sign of the times, unfortunately. … You don’t hear [Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant] talking about ‘their brand.’ … I’m sure it will be a widely watched show [Thursday], but it simply won’t have me in the audience.”

    For good measure, Van Gundy then called former Toronto Raptors star Chris Bosh Dwyane Wade’s “lapdog.”

    A bit bitter Stan?