It’s Been A While

Where were you on September 11th, 2009?

I, a half-American, was celebrating my half-country the only way I know how: eating a double Big Mac from McDonalds, with a large fries and a medium Diet Coke (a man’s gotta count his calories somehow).

Argos fans however, were probably doing something much less disgusting. Before Friday’s win against Winnipeg, 9/11(/09) was the last time the Toronto Argonauts won a regular season CFL contest (they beat Hamilton 25-22 in OT). That’s a span a nine games, making Friday’s victory very satisfying for fans of the double blue.

A lot has changed in the world in the time between the two Toronto ‘W’s.’ Before Friday’s win, the Argonauts only knew victory when hope was still on Barack Obama’s side. When Toronto beat Hamilton last season, the world’s population wasn’t exactly sure who (or what) Lady Gaga was. And after that particular overtime win, the term “Three Kings” was not in reference to a trio of highly skilled, highly ego’ed basketball players in South Beach, but of a 1999 David Russell movie starring future-Oscar winner George Clooney and future-Oscar nominees Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube (wait a minute, Ice Cube wasn’t nominated for his role as Darius Stone in ‘XXX 2: The Next Level’? Damn the out-of-touch Academy).

Moving back to football…there was plenty to like about Toronto’s win over the Blue Bombers.

Chad Owens made had his second return touchdown in as many games. Against Winnipeg, the former-Alouette returned a missed field goal 117-yards for a score to give the Argos the lead in the fourth quarter. Last week Owens had a 90-yard punt return TD.

Running back Cory Boyd also had a fantastic game, running for 109 yards on just 19 carries and adding a

But the big story was that Toronto did not panic after blowing a 16-0 lead in the second quarter. Last season’s Argos would’ve folded up after giving up a large lead like that, but this year’s version kept their composure and didn’t beat themselves up. They stayed calm and it helped them pull out the victory.

There’s still a long way to go, but this was a positive step. Riding the momentum of a win into your home-opener is a great way to start the season. Let’s just hope Toronto doesn’t have to wait another 302 days for another Argos win.

Gripe of the Week:
Last week it was the combination of vuvuzela’s and Neil Diamond in Calgary. This week it’s the constant whirlpool of embarrassment that is’s “hilarious and catchy” headlines. For Toronto’s win over Winnipeg, the headline was ‘Lemon-ade.’ Find me the person who enjoys that and I’ll show you someone who ate way too much sand as a child.


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