Andrew Krystal Finally Joins The Fan 590

Don Kollins’s metamorphosis of the Fan 590 continues to take shape. As we told you first, Andrew Krystal has indeed moved from NEWS 957 in Halifax to Toronto’s the Fan 590 where he will take to the air in the old Mike Hogan/Bullpen slot 9-12.

TSM spoke to a clearly excited Don Kollins, Program Director of the Fan 590 this am who had this to offer:
“Andrew has been a great soldier for this company, when were looking for talent, I wanted the best. I believe Andrew probably is one of the top notch talents in all of Canada. He can weave a show together with guests callers and topics- he’s smart, sports smart and he gets it. I am so proud we did the deal,it’s been a long time coming.”

Clearly the deal must be a good one as you may recall when we reached out to Krystal previously his response couldn’t have been more clear:

“I am happy here in Halifax. I have taken News 95.7 from its first broadcast to number two in the market for men 25-54, nipping at the heels of the classic rock station, in less than 5 years.

My young wife’s family are from here. We have a great home with great friends.

I enjoy being talked about — but I am from Toronto. I was born there. The city, by itself, is not an inherent victory for me.

I was happy that while on MOJO in 2003 and 2004 that I had the best day parts in terms of market share at the station. They blew up the brand and I became the brand so there you go…..Now, I am the brand here.

Rogers gets it. I am the quarterback for all the Atlantic stations.

Now excuse me while I go to my sailboat without traffic and eat some fresh smoked salmon.

Thanks for the inquiry. I wish everyone well in TO.

I am proud of what I have accomplished in radio there and I proved it was no fluke here — with a more serious format.

“Krystal Nation Awaken”

Kollins is really pumped about the changes that are afoot at the Fan. “A new morning show should be here around September 1st.” Kollins said. So, once again the Fan day will look like:

New morning show 6-9 around September 1
Andrew Krystal 9-12 look for Krystal August 15ish
Hockey Central with Greg Brady 12-2 Look for Brady August 15ish
Greg Brady – 2-3
PTS with Bob Mccown 3-6




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    mike (in boston)11 years ago

    do we really need 2 hours of hockey in the middle of summer? this isn’t going to help Brady’s reputation as a puckhead.

    nice work TSM on being in front on the Krystal hiring. my impressions of him are entirely based on his fairly mindless show on MOJO. I would have thought he’d be a better fit for the morning slot, where a mix of sports, entertainment, politics and news seems more appropriate.

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    hey Mike. Im not sure when exactly hockey central will start so it may be 3 hours of brady until it does.


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    Congrats on getting him to talk.

    Im still waiting for that “thank you for all your hard work” press release to those who where let go, but hey you get what you get.

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    Mike – I’ve got to think that the Fan will do hockey talk from Sept to June in the noon to 2 slot, and then let Brady do general sports from June to Sept. Unless Kollins is changing it, they don’t seem to have that same ‘hockey or bust’ mentality that 640 does (or did).

    As for Krystal – it sounds interesting. I don’t mind the idea of a host that touches on stuff beyond sports. I hope he can chat Jays/Raps at a reasonable level. I have never listened to him, but I’ll be extremely interested in checking him out.

    Nice scoop TSM.

    So now I wonder who’s doing the morning show?

    By the way – I read someone in another forum suggest that the Fan give Hogan a weekend/evening/fill in swing job currently occupied by LaJoie. Sounds good to me.

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    Rupprecht Mangels11 years ago

    Never heardd of Krystal, but already I don’t like the guy. Sounds like like he’s egotistical and full of himself, without regard for those who helped him get to where he is now.

    “They blew up the brand and I became the brand so there you go…..Now, I am the brand here.” No, no sense of narcissism here… Good luck with your changes, Mr. Kollins. You’ve pretty much ruined what I liked about The Fan: familiarity and hosts who dealt with the sports issues of the day. If I want opinions on what’s hapening in Afghanistan, I’ll listen to the CBC.

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    Yeah – I have to agree Rupprecht. I listen to the Fan mostly to hear Jays/Leafs/Raps talk. I hope it doens’t become three hours a day of ragging on Harper or McGuinty or someone. I hope it’s still at least sports focused.

    The old Derringer show could be a good template. Talk news/pop culture, but at its heart, it’s a sports show.

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    I love the idea of Hogan taking the Roger Lejoie position. I have not found one person who could suggest that they listen too, and enjoy Lejoie. I like that he does CHL stuff, but outside of that, he really is the definition of vanilla.

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    People who want sports and sports ONLY are in the minority of the population. That’s the bottom line, and it’s something every single radio programmer in the USA figured out in the mid-1990s…it’s just that the Fan590 is finally figuring this out now and it’s 2010…

    They’ve got you anyway as sports fans, they know you’ll listen — and those of you claiming you’ll never listen again because they fired some VERY mediocre to sub-par personalities, are the same hypocrites who go to a lousy Leafs game and then SWEAR you’ll NEVER go again.

    You always come back. The fact remains, I doubt any of the new guys will blow out major sports stories to talk about “Afghanistan” — give me a break.

    Do all of you turn of PTI when they reference some new movie coming out? Yeah, you probably do, because you “only want sports”. Sorry, debating whether Jeff Finger is getting his contract “buried in the Marlies” for 30 minutes each day is for the dinosaurs, and it’s exactly why the Watters Show couldn’t grow past that, at least when Watters was actually on it.

    I’d rather be entertained in a “sporty” manner than debate what position John Mitchell will play in the Leafs 8 preseason games, but you’re damn right — if Andrew Krystal is talking about a Leafs win for 5 minutes off the top of a show, and then transvestite bus drivers for the next 55, yep, I’ll be out of there too.

    But some of you need to regulate your expectations. The goal is entertainment, and ratings, it’s not to get so deep that 97% of the population who isn’t a die-hard Argos or TFC fans gets confused or bored, and judging by the ratings, they’ve already been bored with the morning timeslots already.

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    Gunner4411 years ago

    Man when can the Fan 590 fix the morning show?This Lumby is not a sports guy or atleast he does not come across as one.It is to the point where i do not listen to the fan at all and i was an all day listener!
    Any chance of Mike Hogan coming back in any capacity other then in relation to the Argos is unlikely.I noticed on twitter that Perry Lefkos was on the Fan talking CFL today.I respect Hogans opinion alot more then his.
    We need a Miami Heat kind of sighning for the morning show!How about Strombo,Darringer and Bruce Arthur that would be something to listen to..And don’t tell me they do not have the $$$…Just take a look at your Cable,Cell.internet and home phone bill!!

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    Rupprecht is right….if hubris hasn’t kicked Krystal straight in his balls, this should be interesting. And I hope his balls are on fire.

    That said, his against-the-grain talk radio style is going to get killed by Jerry Agar and Oakley. And I won’t shed one freaking tear.

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    Fendershoes11 years ago

    I’m hoping for Michael Bolton and Celine Dion in a morning zoo format at the FAN ’cause at least that would be provide an interesting lead-in to this Krystal guy. Based on his self-promotion and exaggerated sense of self-importance, I can imagine he will spend most of his time telling listeners (if he has any) about how knowledgeable he is. Wanna hear a sample of Andrew Krystal….go to your local sports pub….you can find a dozen just like him. The only difference is, at least at the pub, you can have beer and a bowl of chips

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    Whoever said Andrew Krystal was an egomaniac is absolutely correct. Why is the FAN getting into trash talk radio? Is Krystal going to be giving us more talk of licking cocaine off the tits of a stripper?

    The FAN is going down the tubes. Kollins will be fired in less than a year. Guaranteed.

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    THANK YOU THAnK YOU THANK YOU From the (intelligent) listening public in Halifax Nova Scotia.

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    Glad Krystal is gone – as he put’s it – to the Great Satan – be prepared for a lot of self-promotion and big words -egomaniac!!

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    PLLLLLLS bring back Mike this guy is driving me crazy i love the fan but this guy is awful and full of himself i won’t listen from 9 till noon and i have been listening all day since the inception of the station

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    You have not seen anything yet Deb!

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    Deb. Bring back Mike fine BUT DO NOT SEND Krystal back to us in Halifax we’re still celebrating getting rid of him. You have to see the Frank Magazine story of Krystal’s life to fully appreciate what a jerk he really is. I will post it and send out URL in the next few days

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    I have listened to this guy for 3 days now and have found him to be arrogant, ignorant and totally disrespectful. He constantly interrupts guests and callers with snide remarks. I have listened to The Fan 590 for the last time because of this jerk

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    Feel free to send him back to Halifax! There is a reason that he was so high on ratings. Most people loved him and would welcome him back in a heartbeat!

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    Jeff – you must be related – he is not missed at all – did you hear that ………. a great big sigh of relief!!

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    Jeff get rid of him off the air but keep him up there.

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    Krystal is a bit rude with guests but he knows his stuff. I’ll be tuning in!

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    Krystal? Thanks but no thanks. One of the reasons I listened to the fan was that I couldn’t tolerate Krystal et al on 640. Now that he’s migrated down the dial, I’ll be moving along, too.

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    Well, he’s now been bumped to the early morning show. Did I hear that Hogey is back to his normal 9 to 12 time slot.

    Hmmmm maybe the fan realized their HUGE error in hiring this guy and instaed of paying another guy they brought back Hogey and moved krystal to the morning show till his contract expires?

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    The Fan 590 has gone down the tank…the old duo was rock solid and I enjoyed listening. I have never been more pissed that to listen to the tripe on the Fan for the summer. Now Krystal – and let me tell you he sucks. He sucks when he interviewed Cito, he was a puss to Mike Wilner … he comes across and being really really out of touch.

    You’ve lost me as a listener – I was so pissed I needed to vent somewhere.

    Fire the Station manager – he has cluster fu#(# the fan.

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    Bruce DeVenne11 years ago

    Krystal is a lrdgend in his own mind

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    This Krystal fellow is garbage, always interupting guests and getting off topic. The guests must roll their eyes when they have to talk to this caveman. I miss the 2 guys we had last year. Now I have to listen to Bills talk on 550……………..booooooooooooooo

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    joe carnage11 years ago

    tu drevrais venir a montreal pis on va t’arranger ca…

  • comment-avatar

    Has a Montrealer, working in Toronto … Sure I love Toronto , but people like you, that trash talk open live in radio and say really non intelligent stuff? What are you doing …

    What you said HERE : Is such stupidity !!

    Smoke in church … where the hell did you get that ? People need to go at 10 meters from any public entrance to light a cigarette ? It’s the law… so why would Montrealers smokes cigarettes in church ?? where the heck did you get that ??

    Now, French is useless/dying language and people should learn Chinese ? What an absurd comments here? Can’t believe a radio guy can say this STUPIDUS STUPIDUS STUPIDUS COMMENT !

    Tell me where , when, people say that we are more culturally superior ? What the heck ? …

    One thing here, you are a such a useless radio man… that should probably get facts before bashing a city !

    And about the ole ole ole, thats your opinion, if you don’t like just put it on mute when maple leaf plays agains’t montreal

    A Montreal guy, working in Toronto … Loving Toronto, but not radio guy like you !

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    Mr Krystal, are you on a death wish or something? You have absolutly no idea in what type of position you’re putting yourself into…

    -A proud Montrealer.

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    This Krystal is ridiculous, he makes dumb ass comments like Gretzky was overrated, then when even misanthropic Steve Simmons disagrees, and every caller disagrees he blows them all off. And then there was the Elin Nordgren rant when he had the 10 am show. If you’re gonna stir the pot at least make it interesting.

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    I had my wakeup clockradio set to 590. No more. This Krystal fellow genuinely puts me into a bad mood…not good for the rest of the day. There is no question the previous crew got a bit stale and the constant emphasis on hockey for 90% of the show got to be a bit much….but Krystal?? Kollins (funny how both use a K instead of the normal C…must be a radio thing!). Like some of the other posters have alluded to Mr. K’s provocations and abrasive style are grating (eg Montreal/Quebec). Can we not keep controversies on a sports station to the sports world? I think AK landed in a big pond …did they actually like him in Halifax? Hmmmm.

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    Bruce DeVenne11 years ago

    Brian M
    Let’s put it this way you got him you gotta keep him no returns or refunds Buyer beware. LOL

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    He is just nasty and does not understand that people have feelings. Halifax has Rick Howe now and you can keep Krystal – we are happy to have him in gone!!

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    Chris BG10 years ago

    What to do NOW! To fix the leafs.
    Deal Clarke MacArthur Mike Komisarek Francois Beauchemin Fredrik Sjostrom Colby Armstrong Jean-Sebastien Giguere Colton Orr & Mike Brown, before trade deadline for picks or prospects, call teams like the Oilers & Rangers, offer to take Sheldon Souray & Wade Redden contacts of their hands, providing they are willing give up 3rd or 4th round picks, call the Bruins offer them a similar deal to pick up Michael Ryder. Keep picking up other teams mistakes/dead wood for picks and prospects I could go on but you get my drift. Get the Caputi’s and Hanson’s playing in NHL meaningful minutes, send/lease all your draft picks to the KHL, big ice, and foreign surroundings should help develop character and skill.

  • comment-avatar

    krystal’s a moron. Runners will never go away so he might as well. But ya, don’t send him home. He’s not wanted.