Ups & Downs In Toronto Sports Media Pt.2

Pardon the delay in writing this up, but the dog days of summer hit a little early and well, that provided the opportunity for further reflection and commentary.

So, I’ll work in reverse a little bit. First, I know the morning show is going to change, but I have to tell you the morning show on the fan is un- listenable right now. I thought it was bad when we were getting nothing but umms and ahhhs. Now I long for them. Did you catch Lumly discussing people who urinate on a golf course the other day??? No?? It was bad. But…. it wasn’t nearly as bad as today’s discussion about scientifically engineered rabbit penises. No seriously the dialogue was about some scientists who were able to create and successfully attach a penis on a rabit. Stimulating conversation I tell you. Where oh where is Schultz’s mustache when you need it???????

I may take it on the chin on this one, but what the hell. Why not go with 2 hosts- Lumly and Sammit, the “producer Jeff” bit isn’t funny and to be honest, Sammit is easily as talented and knowledgeable as Lumly in my opinion.

On the flip side to that (and the Bosh suckfest from the other day that inspired pt.1) I am curious if you heard Keith Law being interviewed by Jeff Blair and James Deacon. Now before you get ahead of yourself, this was a really good interview. The subject was the Blue Jays trade that brought Escobar to to town. Blair is a baseball guy. It may not be his favorite sport, but he covered the Expos and he covers the Jays here too (as part of his gig). For non baseball fans, many pundits didn’t quite understand the Jays trade from a talent perspective. The Jays gave up an older, yet perhaps proven talent in exchange for a younger yet “challenging” talent who didn’t have the greatest reputation. Keith Law is a former Blue Jays employee under JP. For those of us who aren’t up on all the details and behind the scenes moves it was a really educational interview.

Not knowing the personalities, I always thought Law was a JP guy. One of this comments in the interview was how JP would never have made a move like this. I thought that proved the notion that he was a JP guy. However when the issue became the recent signings of some young talent from the islands (16 year olds) Law was very quick to applaud the moves and went out of his way to explain that JP wouldn’t have ever made these moves. Law explained that JP used to ask for a budget to spend on foreign (non North American) talent pool yet he always then tried to spend the budget he was given on North American talent. Law kept referencing some Jays imminent signings to take place on or about August 14th. Deacon asked Law if the day had an significance as Law had mentioned it several times. It’s not overly important, yet I have to admit I was asking myself the same question as I was driving while listening.

To me that was what I want from sports radio. Interesting, informative and entertaining. Not overly technical, so as to bore me, yet enough information to be be conversational.

I have to admit I didn’t hear all of PTS tonight. Mccown came on and discussed the time change of his show. Gone is the old 4-7 and he is now on the air from 3-6. Never one to shy away from emotion Mccown let it be known that he wasn’t overly enthused by the change and that he wasn’t asked about it. Now, that may be true, but I am having a hard time believing it. I can’t imagine that Kollins’s first move with respect to the station’s money maker would be to piss off the host. It just doesn’t make sense. When I spoke to Krystal the other day about coming to Toronto he went out of his way to say how Mccown and Kollins were on his side. If Mccown was pissed about this move, it’s hard for me to believe he was consulted about that one. Call me an idiot- you won’t be first, but this looks to me like Bob may be playing the crowd. If you told me that is the case I wouldn’t be stunned, but I would be surprised. My guess is it’s an example of good show banter. I know Mccown was convincing today, I just can’t imagine that Kollins would piss him off right out of the gate….

Have you picked up a copy of the Toronto Sun recently???? The biggest addition is the subtraction of one Gary Loewen. However the sports section is bigger and better than it has been. First, the print is actually bigger- or at least the spacing is bigger making the columns easier to read. Not olnly that but there is a ton of content. Maybe all of it isn’t the greatest, but they cover everything and in bulk. As you know I don’t love how or where they place stories but you can’t argue with quantity.

Yeah yeah yeah I went after Darren Millard today on twitter. Guess what, when a MSMer puts on twitter that a deal is done, as Millard did with respect to Kovolchuck last week going to LA and it doesn’t happen, there is a little bit of the tail between the legs (see Mccown on Sundin to the Rangers). Say what you will about Millard – he lead a radio show that blasted Leafs Lunch off the air.

I still haven’t heard who will be working with Bill Watters when September rolls around. Is it possible that the answer is by committee? It is possible that the answer is no one- as in would 640 walk away from sports save for Leaf games? I have no clue. I can tell you that lots of people are talking about those scenarios. Me, I still lobby for Stellick to get the gig. I would hope that Rogers/Fan doesn’t hold Stellick to any non-compete and would allow Stellick to go to the 640 to join Watters. Here’s a hunch, and this isn’t based upon fact, but only opinion, I’m thinking that if 640 remains committed to hockey/sports (ie doesn’t wind things down with Watters) a certain beat guy that I am not overly fond of ends up there. Hell who knows, if Mccown thinks those who made the decision to move his show could be incredibly “stupid”- then maybe he flies up the dial when his contract ends?????????????

Jeff Blair and James Deacon with Keith Law is here

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