David Amber’s Other Gig?

Well, one quick flight back from Florida (no, no Bosh sighting- there were a ton of LeBron jersey’s for sale at the airport- but no Bosh) and emails came flooding in. So, while I thought it would take some time for word to break on what else David Amber would be doing in town, some of you did my work for me while I was flying.

Sources are telling TSM that Amber will be filling the role held by Dan Pollard who recently left the NHL Network. Pollard apparently left the NHL Network a couple of weeks ago.

So it appears Amber will be doing some basketball work for Raptors TV and some hockey work for the NHL Network. Details are too sketchy right now on what Amber will be doing at NHL Network. Pollard who had been with the network since 2002 was the host of NHL On The Fly. Despite what I was taught years go, I assume that will be part of Amber’s new gig with the network.

More details as they become available.

By the way, on the way home from the airport I caught a little bit of the fan late night. They replaced an interview with Jeremy Roenick but Mccown and Mr. Magoo (John Shannon). This is a prime example of when athletes or former athletes shouldn’t be asked about the business or legal aspect of the game in which they recently played. JR is a great interview and him ripping Kovo was pretty funny. Pressing him on the legalities and other business dealings was painful.

FYI, for those who did listen to Mccown and Shannon wondering how it’s possible that a room full of lawyers could draft a 600 page agreement that had loopholes, let’s get something straight. If it is possible to draft a water tight agreement of this significance and size there would be no other reason for lawyers. Lawyers are paid a ton of money to find loopholes and drive freight trucks through them. This isn’t faulty work by either the PA or the NHL leagal beagles. This is smart minds taking the time to expose flaws in a lengthy deal. I am the first to throw stones at the league for shitty work done, but this isn’t the case. At least not in my opinion.

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