Addicted To Drama

The 2010 Toronto Argonauts are like that crazy girlfriend you once had. The one who needed drama to keep the relationship fresh; she’d break something of yours just because she loved to get into fights. You know the relationship is going to go sour, you know something really bad is going to happen, but the ride is just too goddamn fun to stop right now and you feel the consequences in the end are going to be worth it.

These Argos are similar; they’re addicted to drama. Last night Toronto staged a comeback to beat the B.C. Lions 24-20 for consecutive victory number three, their first three-game win streak since the end of the 2007 season. Toronto has started the season 3-1 for the first time since 1997. In all three wins, Toronto has come back from behind. Times are good, and the warning signs present are being swept under the rug.

But don’t be fooled, there are warning signs. Toronto started the game off terribly, down 17-3 in the waning minutes of the first half. Cleo Lemon looked bad and the defense looked shaky in those first two quarters. They team turned the ball over too many times and took way too many penalties. In the third frame the Lions receivers had a case of the drop-sies, ruining what would have been a sure BC-touchdown that would’ve given them another 14-point lead. In the fourth Lemon got picked off in the end zone, killing a huge Argos drive.

No worries though, these are the Drama-nauts. A fourth-quarter touchdown by Brandon Rideau and a TAINT by Byron Parker would put the Argos on top, and the drama would continue. With time winding down and the Argos just needing to run the clock, Cory Boyd fumbled at midfield. Luckily for him he was able to recover, and the Argos would get their victory.

Head Coach Jim Barker will be the first to tell you that games like that don’t usually end in victory, and eventually you’re going to get bit in the ass:

“If you turn the ball over like we turned over tonight, and you have the penalties we had, you’re not going win very often…we had Byron Parker step up and make a big play and bail us out.”

How long will it take until said ass is bit? Next week Toronto is in Montreal against the defending Grey Cup Champions. Gotta believe these sorts of dramatic shenanigans won’t work against them. But unlike a crazy girlfriend, the Argos cannot break up with the drama they have. As long as they play the way they do for at least a half of every game they’ll be stuck playing catch-up. It’s worked so far, but it won’t last. Just try not to get hurt in the breakup.

They Said It (Postgame):
Barker on Parker’s TAINT:

“I think Byron was just waiting, and that’s what Byron does…He’s a special player. He’s got a feel for the thing, and boy, that was special.”

Barker on the team’s character:
“I don’t think there was ever a question that we were gonna win the football game. Somebody was going to step up, somebody was going to make a play and we were going to win the football game. They never stopped believing that.”

Parker on the interception:
“It’s a tribute to everybody else on defense. All that means is when they throw the ball out to my man, that everybody else is covered up. I’m happy that everybody did their job and allowed me to make a play.”

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