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I’ll admit it, since little TSM’s been at sleepover camp for the first time, my appetite for all things sports seems to have waned. Having said that, with each day I get more comfortable with his sudden absence and am returning to my normal routine. In any event, while in the fog of just having left him at camp, Mccown talked to Bryan Colangelo, the Toronto Raptors President and General Manager. Although I knew about the interview, having posted it on a bikini of the day post, I didn’t listen in.

Thanks to Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun, who has a great review of the interview I now have.

I am not going to summarize the interview as Ryan has done that already. Here’s what I’ll say. First, it’s another example, in mind anyways of why Mccown is great at what he does. It’s just a damn good interview. He asks the questions that I as a fan want him to ask. He brings out the best in these types of guests.

As an aside, Mccown was a guest PA announcer at the Jays game the other night, on 80’s night- a tribute back to the day (in 79 I believe) when he actually did the job. I was at that game and immediately awoke from my slumber when Mccown was shown on the big screen and introduced as the guest PA announcer. Two observations: 1- He didn’t wear his sunglasses. 2. Although he did the job in which he was asked to do, it would have been nice/fun/entertaining if he wasn’t such a pro about it. He called every batter who came to the plate. But that was it. I, for one wanted a little bit of fun/entertaining. I digress.

From my perspective it was interesting to hear Colangelo’s opinion now, and I understand why he didn’t say any of this then, but it doesn’t sit well with me. Personally, I don’t think the negative pr, no matter how true it may be, is necessary. I mean, what benefit does it do?

“We tried in vain to put pieces around Chris. Different pieces, different styles. It didn’t work out.”

“No matter what type of player we brought in, it didn’t seem to have the right mix with him as that centrepiece.”

That, from Wolstat’s article, is apparent to even a basketball novice like me. One could argue that the comment can be interpreted many different ways. If you listen to the interview, it certainly sounds like Colangelo is doing more than just stating the obvious.

In any event, the Raptors will press on. I’m curious how Raptors fans feel about the interview. To me, I would rather all he said was, something along the lines of, he was great while he was here, we took our best shot at signing him, and he decided to leave.



Listen to Mccown interview Colangelo here
Read Ryan Wolstat’s review of the interview here

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