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Yesterday Argos o-liner Rob Murphy was fined some money for some “Less-Than-PC” tweets he made on the team’s trip to Montreal. While riding the train Murphy made note that he was “smelling foreigners this early in the A.M.” He added that the “novelty of riding on a train thru Ontario and Frenchland has worn out.”

First off, ‘Frenchland’ isn’t really offensive, is it? Quebec is a land where much French is spoken; ‘Frenchland,’ while not very subtle, is an accurate description. It would be like calling Ontario ‘Englishplace.’ Or Alberta ‘OilArea.’ Or Yukon ‘Cold.’ I seriously doubt Murphy was purposely trying to create ill-will against the residents of Quebec.

Second of all, I do understand why the CFL felt it was necessary to fine Mr. Murphy. In today’s lovely little politically correct world we live in, anything said (or tweeted) by someone that’s deemed 0.01% offensive to anyone is ground for discipline by said someone’s employer. Fair? No, but understandable. I may hate it, but it’s the world we live in.

Thirdly, and this was the most shocking part of the entire story: They were on a train?!? Seriously?!?! The Toronto Argonauts, a professional football team, took the train to Montreal?

My first reaction to this part of the story was bewilderment. I couldn’t believe that the Argos didn’t at least have a personalized airplane by the good people at Porter Airlines. But after thinking about it, I had a different perspective. I thought it was awesome that the Argos took the VIA.

It’s just so amazingly old-fashioned. It’s so fan-friendly. No private jets, no chartered planes, just a bunch of teammates crammed into tiny seats travelling to another city to play some football. Obviously I’m romanticizing it a bit, but am I the only one who finds teams travelling on trains much cooler than planes? Maybe I’ve just seen ‘Festival Express’ too many times and believe every long train ride ends up like that kind of positive group bonding.

By the way, you can follow Rob Murphy’s twitter at @BIGMURPH56. Should be entertaining for the rest of the season.

@zsommers (That’s me!)

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July 29, 2010 6:12 pm

Frenchland I don’t have much of a problem, it’s just language and trash talk. But you really don’t see a problem of somebody writing about “smelling foreigners on a train” while living in the most multicultural city in the world. The pathetic thing is he’s from Buffalo which doesn’t it make him the f#ckn foreigner? Or is he talking about people from this country considering he’s a Yank? or is he talking about brown people, or people with accent. Come on CFL media, stop being there infomercial and start asking. I think he is lucky it’s just a fine (and says alot about the Argos and CFL) this guy can do his John Rocker worshiping somewhere else

Hell I’ll just say it, I find a lot of the CFL media and people involved with it to have some of the most xenophobic trash come from them. McCown has had some doozies but something really comes to mind, strangely the same venue that Murphy comments were said on.

On June 20th commentating on World Cup coverage. Jaime Stein (works for CFL) says “Don’t mind the Brits doing Play-by-Play, but there has to be some decent locals who can do in-studio hosting. Non?” Thank goodness for the great Jeff Blair to reply “Nigel Reed? James Sharman? Kristian Jack? They’re as local as you and I.” Good on you Jeff, especially considering Nigel took his citizenship that week. McCown said something similar as well against “others taking jobs away and changing the nation” or some trash like that.

Can Stein be talking about the accents and not being able to understand (that might be understandable as John Collins, the (only non-local) was brought in and his accent was pretty thick) but then be specific and not just throw out there “if you have an accent, you aren’t local” which kind of sounds like Stein was saying. I don’t know what circles Stein hangs out with, but I know people who’s been here for decades and still have a noticeable accent (be it British, Jamaican, etc) These odd comments seem to come from the CFL community more than any other local sport.

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