Clearly the “process” didn’t work for Colangelo, Bosh

Step aside Vince Carter, Toronto may have a new villain starting next season …or now.

This whole “process,” a word Bryan Colangelo had oft-used to describe the situation regarding Chris Bosh and the Raptors, was not supposed to end like this.

But it did, so you move on, right? Wrong.

While you do live and learn, it is often hard to both forgive and forget and for Raptors fans, which is what Colangelo is at the moment, it seems many of them will be doing neither.

Colangelo recently criticized Bosh during a FAN 590 radio interview for “checking out” after all-star weekend and that “no one wanted to acknowledge it.” Well sir, I acknowledged it many times before saying that he was developing Carter-like traits. Maybe I should become an advisor at the Raptors front office. I joke …I think (cue the hate mail).

This does say a lot about the Raptors organization as a whole. How scared can you be of calling out one person in an organization? It could not have ended up worse than it did really.

Of course Bosh replied by attacking the city of Toronto, saying “it’s a metropolitan area, but you could tell you’re somewhere different” among other things.

And something tells me this war of words, for a lack of a better term, is not over.

Torontonians have a serious complex about people liking their city, and when someone says this about it: “You could feel it, you could look at it, you can smell it,” it rubs fans the wrong way.

Well, Toronto does feel different because it is, you can look at it and know it’s different, and it smells really good, thanks. Wow, I guess the Torontonian in me kicked in.

Some people blame Bosh for leaving the Raptors and maybe more so the city of Toronto, but that was an option he, along with Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, cleverly chose to implement in their previous deal so he had every right to.

Some people blame Colangelo for not trading Bosh at the deadline, which is utter non-sense. They were doing fine up to the trade-deadline and although they weren’t in a position to contend for the championship, they were supposedly solidified in the playoff picture.

Guess not.

The one thing you can fault Colangelo for is probably not exploring more trade options last summer when he would have received the most for his biggest asset. But, things happened fast such as the Hedo Turkoglu sign-and-trade as well as other acquisitions that at the time were thought of as lesser deals.

Fans believed, if not in Bosh, then in the team itself that it could win.

However, a team is only as strong as its designated leader, which is what Bosh was.

He was a leader by default and he likes to consider himself a marquee-name but he will not get the first or second touch in Miami, and after all that is probably why he will one day be a champion with the Heat.

He, like many during the end of his tenure in Toronto, realized that he needs someone else to be the go-to guy in order for him to ever win in the NBA. He’s not the guy you want to take a shot with the game on the line nor should he ever have been and the Raptors, through no fault but their own, realized this far too late.

So now, Toronto is left without a superhero or a knight in shining armour.

But then again, Chris Bosh was never that to begin with.

He was just another guy, at the wrong time, at the wrong place.

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