Bikini OTD Sports Radio Tonight

Here’s your bikini of the day from

On Fan 590 Tonight-

– Bob McCown’s co-host from 4:00 to 6:00 is John Shannon
3:42 Dan Shulman – ESPN
4:22 Chris Cuthbert – TSN
4:42 Maurizio Gherardini – Canadian men’s senior team managing director
5:02 tba
5:22 Ken Hitchcock
5:42 Gary Van Sickle – SI

On 640 with Bill Hayes and Watters thanks to Mike S.:

– Patrick Brown, Member of Parliament for Barrie
– Matt Bonner of the San Antonio Spurs
– Jordan Younger of the Argos
– Craig Conroy of the Flames
– Glen Suitor of TSN on the CFL

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mike (in boston)
mike (in boston)
August 12, 2010 6:21 pm

does anyone know what Jays blog McCown was referring to in his little rant earlier in the week? he was complaining about being skewered for his questions re: Cito in his most recent interview with Anthopolous.

i’d like to read the piece myself.

Mike S
Mike S
August 12, 2010 6:30 pm

I heard McCown say that but I am not a baseball fan so I don’t know what blog he was talking about………….maybe our baseball-loving friend Daniel can shed some light on this subject

Al from Burlington
Al from Burlington
August 13, 2010 2:32 pm

The girl looks like she is made out of plastic….

August 13, 2010 7:35 pm

I didn’t hear McCown discuss that, but my best guess would be that he was referring to Drunk Jays Fans (an excellent blog) or Tao of Steib?

August 14, 2010 11:18 am

What was the rant about?

Al from Burlington
Al from Burlington
August 16, 2010 4:15 pm

I heard Andrew Krystal made racist jokes and cut off Richie Rich today on his debut show today. Anyone hear it, was it any good?

August 16, 2010 4:20 pm

You can download the podcasts of Krystal and Brady’s shows at under ‘on air’.

Honestly, I thought Krystal was great. VERY different than what we’re used to at The Fan. I don’t get the sense he’s remotely close to a sports expert, but he’s a very strong personality.

TSM – thoughts on the debuts of those guys today?

Raptors Devotee
Raptors Devotee
August 16, 2010 5:19 pm

I caught the first hour of Krystal and was blown away, but not in a good way. He was so out of his element talking to Maclean that it was a complete farce. He did not even know that the Leafs gave away their first rounder this year to Boston in the Kessel trade, so was going on how the Leafs should tank on purpose to rebuild properly. Maclean corrected him, and believe me, if it was McCown who said that Maclean would have torn a strip off of him, but since they don’t talk to each other that wouldn’t happen, and besides that, even McCown would know better.

I will give him one more chance, but even the Kaberle talk was on a simpleton basis. If Krystal is supposed to be the most knowledgeable on hockey then the FAN is in big trouble. I want to hear intelligent sports talk, not politics or I would go to another station.

August 16, 2010 5:21 pm

Haha yeah I listened to it… Krystal was prepared and talked right over when McLean tried to do his usual schtick. Then went on one really long question just to drive the point home. You can listen to the clip at Fan 590.

August 16, 2010 5:35 pm

I like how he does things, and how he presents his discussions. I like that he cut off MacLean.

The guy does love the sound of his own voice, that much is for sure.

Ill give him time.

That said, thought Brady was solid.

Now hopefully this means the end of scrubs like Jeff Sammutt.

August 16, 2010 7:59 pm

Looks like McCown was referring to Drunk Jays Fans. They talk about it at the bottom of this post:

August 16, 2010 10:09 pm

Just thought id add, I laughed out loud when he cut off MacLean. Had he done that to anyone else I would be pretty pissed, because that is probably the most gutless thing a host can do, but its MacLean, who may be the most arrogant personality in Toronto Radio.

Nice to see him knocked down a peg or too.

If he does that to someone like Jerry Howarth, id be livid.

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