Toronto Sports Radio Review

So, finally a new day at the Fan 590 today. While it was great to hear some new/old voices, we still need to hear someone really new in the am to replace the current host, who is just not very good.

So, let’s talk about the Andrew Krystal show. My initial reaction is that I liked him. But wait, there is more. I liked him, just not on the fan. The best part of the Krystal show was when he talked about MMA from a political perspective. When he talked about the politics of Dalton Mcguinty he was hard hitting and opinionated. When he talked Tomas Kaberle, when he talked Buffalo Bills football with their head coach it wasn’t pleasant. It wasn’t good listening.

There were two good parts of his interview with Richie Rich Maclean; first, when about 30 seconds in and he had MacLean bitch about how money he (Richie Rich) makes and two when he hung up on Maclean. I don’t care if you think his opinion is right or wrong on the Kaberle non-trade, he’s clearly not a sports guy, he’s a fan and it comes across when he talks sports. If you are looking for the all the stats, all the insight you aren’t going to like Krystal when he talks sports.

Krystal is a shock jock, while plugging his show with the morning guys, he referenced HItler and Nazi’s- I wasn’t surprised- that’s what he does. When he talked about the Kessel deal he flat out said Brian Burke is “lying” when he says he is happy with the Kessel deal. Krystal will say things to garner a reaction, to get people heated and to call in.

I mean no disrespect to John Derringer, or to Krystal for that matter, but I think they are quite similar when it comes to talking sports on the Fan. I really liked John Derringer when he co-hosted the fan morning show. He isn’t the prototypical sports guy. He can talk news, politics and pop culture with the best of them. It’s why he is so good on Q-107.

In summary, I liked what I heard, I would just like it better on 640 or 1010.

With Greg Brady, he is exactly what I heard when he was on in Detroit. Brady IS a sports guy. He is the stats guy. He is the guy who knows all the teams, all the players in all the major sports. However, he can talk pop-culture too. So while I think he rambled too long in his intro, and I know why he did, Brady got to do what he couldn’t do at 640. Yes he talked Kaberle. That was 640 Brady. I thought he was good with Kypreos. But when he talked baseball, when he talked Chris Chambers, when he talked to Jon Wertheim of and Jayson Stark of ESPN he should have showed those who thought he was just a hockey guy that he isn’t.

I thought he sounded a little nervous, first day jitters perhaps. I thought he is going to need mucho guests as I don’t think he can drive alone. Hockey Central will take care of most of that, but in his solo hour I think he will drop the hockey chat and bring in other sports guru’s to banter about the hot topic of the day.

I liked Mccown’s comments on the intro, I thought he was polite and supportive. Paul Jones was in the co-pilot seat today and he was good with Mccown. He let Mccown be Mccown, without being the typical Ed McMahon that many seem to think they have to be when they co-host with Bob. The interview with Burke was as good as it always was. Mccown asked every question I wanted asked. The one thing as a fan I really didn’t like was when Burke said that the current roster was likely the team that he would take to camp.

Meanwhile up the dial, it became ever so evident that it’s just time for them to move on sans Wilbur. The man is just so predictable. They took a lot of callers and Watter’s comments have been replayed as many times as McDonald’s serves people. I mean, enough already on the ownership crap. Some poor sucker called in and said that he thought Burke deserved credit for dealing both Toskala and Blake. Hayes totally agreed. So do I for the little that it’s worth. Watter’s response is that no one should have been surprised, he traded away 7 million in 2 guys and brought one guy back who makes the same- it’s simple he said! I mean enough already. EVERYONE with a brain said Toskala and Blake were unmoveable. Not only did he move both but he did so in a way that appeared to have dramatically improved his hockey team. The worst part is that Watters turtles. He carves Burke in one sense and kisses his ass the minute he takes to the air.

The show, when he is on is just so damn predictable. Talk Leafs, Raptors and you know he’s gonna bash MLSE. Talk Argos and he’s gonna bash the previous owners. Talk Jays and he bashes Rogers. But for Cliff, the guys he used to drink on the road with and the Dutchess he has little good to say about anyone. Watters has slowly turned into Abe Simpson.



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