More On Krystal and Brady and Bob Mckenzie

Dave Naylor was on with Krystal out of the gate this morning, talking Bills, NFL, CFL and Toronto. Naylor was good, as always and I liked where Krystal was headed- why aren’t more 30 year old’s talking Argos in Toronto- however he didn’t ever get there. He followed that up with a phenomenal segment on the decision to spend $90m on an ice rink in Toronto. It was a good segment because Krystal didn’t have to talk sports. He talked politics and brought on those involved and oh by the way the topic happened to involve a sport.

That is what I think we are going to come to expect. Krytstal will talk news mostly and some times that news may involve sports. I don’t expect him to be interviewing many athletes with the exception of the odd superstar where he can do so at a very shallow level. I think he will excel where the topic is news based in the sports area.

Brady was much better today, and the more that I think about it the more I’m thinking the time slot is wasted on him. Personally, I find it the hardest time to listen in and pay attention. Only two days in and I am really appreciating someone who is talking sports and not just with the usual Fan “beat guys”.

Congrats may be in order to Bob Mckenzie who I’m told may have just inked a very nice and well deserve 10 year extension. Yes, you read that right, I am told that THE hockey insider has a nice shiny new deal that will take him in to the territory where he can write his next book- the life of a hockey grandfather 🙂 Just kidding. Seriously though folks, is there anyone in the business more deserving of an extension of that length (assuming it’s true)??!!

Question to ponder, with Bob tied up for a long time will Sportsnet try to re-engage with one Darren Dreger in attempt to gain some legs vs. TSN???? Hmmmm. The other question of course, is will Bettman ask Richard Bloch to review McKenzie’s contract????????

Lastly, in the first inning of tonight’s Blue Jays game the following occurred. First jays batter flied out. Second batter walked. A pick off attempt ended up in right field and the Jays baserunner ended up at third base on the error. Jose Bautista hit a grounder to short scoring the runner on third in a sacrifice. The next Jays hitter popper up to end the inning with the Jays up 1-0. Now, here’s the question. The A’s pitcher gave up an unearned run on no hits in the first inning. Although it didn’t happen, it was possible that the pitcher could go on and throw a no hitter and assuming the Jays staff earned a shutout- thus the end result being a 1-0 Jays win, with the A’s pitcher tossing a complete game, no hitter but losing 1-0. Question: Has that ever happened?????? Has a starting pitcher ever thrown a no hitter but lost in regulation 9 innings?

Things that make me go hmmmm as I drive north on the 400 at 11pm.



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