Does Shock Radio Move You?

Had the pleasure of catching some Krystal nation this am. I say pleasure because that meant I didn’t have to hear bumbling, stumbling, rumbling Lumby. So Krystal’s topic this am was does Tiger Woods deserve the $100-500 million she is reportedly pulling down as a result of their divorce. Now, let’s cut to the chase, the answer is really very simple. When Tiger and his wife were married, Tiger had her sign a prenup so in the even this marriage went sideways Tiger could mitigate his loses to her. So, therefore the amount she should receive is whatever was in the contract. Not that hard.

However, Krystal decided to take the viewpoint that Mrs. Woods wasn’t entitled to nearly that much because she “ruined Tiger life” and “she never worked an honest day in her life.” Now we all know that is utter crap. I mean no one really believes that by virtue of being a nanny one hasn’t really worked an honest day in their life do they? Does anyone else really believe that Elin ruined Tigers life?? I know there are three sides to every story and all but………

Look, I say those things in jest. It doesn’t matter what your opinion are, the only opinion that matters here is Krystals. For my 2 cents, I don’t believe for one second the guy believes 1/10th of what comes out of his mouth. I mean caller after caller kept calling in and asking if he was indeed sane or nuts. Is that what sports radio has come down to? I mean, is that what we the audience really wants? Is the rule, lets say something controversial to get people ticked off enough to call in??????

Here’s my two cents. I don’t mind when someone takes the other side of an obvious argument to stir debate. It seems however that this isn’t the case here. What we have here is a guy who will say just about anything to garner a reaction. Personally, I don’t buy it in sports. Rush goes on his network in the USA and gets tons of people listening in, but that’s politics. Howard Stern got millions of listeners doing it but hey that was sex and entertainment. Is there not enough material out there (not of late in this town) to generate a real debate on sports without having to stoop to this level?????

The problem with this act in my opinion is that it becomes tired very quickly. It’s predictable and it’s fake. How do we start to gain comfort with a host who is merely saying shit for the sole purpose of getting people to call in. In sports I just don’t care enough to listen to what a shock jock may say on a given day. It’s just not that interesting. It’s worse. It’s predictable.

Meanwhile, someone tell me when the Buffalo Sabres GM became so interesting that he was on the fan590 not only on the morning show but also on PTS????

Speaking of the morning show, Jim Lang two thumbs up. Rumbling, bumbling and stumbling sidekick? Not so much. Seriously, did Eric Smith make him nervous or what? It was the worst session of the new morning show since inception. Was I the only one who kept hearing him refer to Smith as the Raptors Colored guy?????

Mccown is away this week and never, I say never has he been more sorely missed than today’s episode. Rob Faulds hosting with Mr Mcgoo. Oh my god. I drove by a gas station and seriously considered soaking myself before having to listen to another minute. Yesterday Faulds tried to defend Rogers, the parent company whole Sportsnet1 thing. Kind of hard to defend something when you have the facts wrong. Faulds, seems to forget the outrage from the 10 of us that cared when TSN2 was carrying Raptors game and none of us could get it.

I know it’s early, but I will say it again. Greg Brady show, right guy (who else should host the show by the same name) wrong time slot. Seriously, those of you who work a “traditional” work day, is there a harder time slot to listen to sports radio then 12-3?????

It’s been very quiet out of 640 these days. I’m hearing potential changes are on the horizon. What can or could they be???? Well I’ve heard everything from the early departure of one Wilbur Watters to potential changes to Leafs game coverage. Stay tuned- this book hasn’t been written.

Speaking of book- with labor day quickly approaching, so to does the start of the fall book in the radio advertising business. I can’t believe that doesn’t turn up the pressure on the fine folks at the fan 590 to find new blood for the dying morning slot – CLEAR!

With the Edmonton Oilers hiring of Jack Michaels to the position of radio play by play voice, perhaps that will end the chatter about potential candidates coming from similar roles around the league. Were told that some part timers in currently with a few clubs and even a tv guy in a US market applied for the Edmonton gig. Up until today when Michaels was hired the names apparently in line for the job were quite shocking.

Lastly, while a younger man I did a tour of duty with your Detroit Pistons (the IHL Vipers to be exact). While there I had the fortune to work with a good man, Matt Dobek, the head of PR for the Pistons. Dobek put in nearly 30 years with that organization- something that I think we all would agree is the clearest definition of dedicated employee. In any event, when the late owner of the Pistons died, turnover at the top occurred and as a result Dobek was allegedly summarily dismissed despite his 29 years of dedication. This past weekend Dobek took his life. It’s a reminder of just how ruthless and not fun the world of professional sports can be. Some of you may recall in the 1994 hockey work stoppage Wayne Gretzky led a team of NHLPAers over to Europe to play while the league was on hiatus. the 99 All Stars had a warm up game against my Detroit Vipers. Dobek handled the PR duties for that game and many others in the short yet very memorable life of the Vipers. He mentored many who are currently head of PR around the leagues, including I believe the head of PR for the Tampa bay lightning, Bill Wickett. Anyways, As mom always said, it’s all fun and games until someone pokes their eye out. Rest in peace Matt



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