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Hey hey hey sportsfans, I need some help. It’s been correctly suggested to me that I spend lots of time on the radio side of things here in town and not with respect to TV- not so much.

So- I pledged to myself to start watching more on the television side (not games) but the news shows. So- all you loyal watchers out there- tell me who you think I should keep an eye on, and when they are on tv. Obviosuly I am not going to get to see a whole lot of day time stuff during the week so I am looking for evening and weekends.

I promise that if given enough ammo I will undertake to start reviewing with the same vigor as I do the radio stuff.

That is all for now…



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August 27, 2010 1:32 pm

Just a couple of names from the Score to get the ball rolling a bit…

Steve Kouleas…I do hope he ends up somewhere on a regular basis as I found him to be informative, and entertaining while tiptoeing near the edge of irritating with the volume of his delivery…Ko you think he would be good on radio or might one of the TV networks pick him up to handle some portion of their hockey broadcast?

At the other end of the spectrum…Al Strachan…is he officially out to pasture for all eternity? I found him unbearable on both CBC Hotstove and the Score, particularly with respect to trade rumours. On Hotstove alone he must have thrown out hundreds of rumoured trades that weren’t close to actually happening…there’s my pet peeve for the day.

George Town
August 27, 2010 4:20 pm

Yes, a tip..Sportsnet One If you can get It !!

August 27, 2010 10:09 pm

Not sure exactly what direction you want this to go, I haven’t watched the highlights shows in forever, I might was a few minutes of connected (most of the TSN guys get on my nervs) I like the score guys but their news programing has been horrib le (there World cup special been good though, and looking forward to there NFL show). Martine is good on the Sportsnet side.

I will foucs more on the sports talk shows. I think the best currently is The Grill Room, the panel is usually a mix of Sun employees, B-level radio guys (Rumack, Lajoie, but some bigger names like ESmith and Wilner are regulars there as well), The show flows well and good range of topics.
On the other side, OTR just fell off the radar for me totally, was a big fan when it was the sports version of Bill Maher Politically incorrect with people from different walks of life talking sports, but now it’s just football guys talking football and hockey guys talking hockey, when the original producer (Mackowycz) it lost it’s uniquness. TSN Reports is a classic concept which is fine, but would be better with a more diverse group of panel (Cox, Simmons, hosted by Hodge, there big names but not the freshes)

I find ESPN reporters to be a better show, smarter and more range in the panel. As stateside, PTI is the cream of the crop, Korno & Wilbon have this great chemistry and mix. Around the Horn is okay, but not really go out of my way to watch it, it drags a bit. Not sure if anybody saw VS Daily Line on SN, not bad and has some potential. Certainly a step up from Best Damn IMO.

Hey if you are taking complaints errrr suggestions, I been wondering why no piece on the Damien vs Bautista stuff, certainly been buring up the internets in discussion. What a week of crazy mainstream writers stuff from Fuller to that. Also on your TV talks no discussion on SN1 and what people think of it (could talk about TSN2 and how impressed/ not impressed everybody is)

August 31, 2010 9:40 am

Sportset is getting revitalized on CHCH starting next week (I think) at 7:00. Mark Hebscher is hosting along with CHCH Sportscaster Bubba O Neill. It will be interesting to see if it has the crackle of the original.

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