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So word is about that the fine folks at 640 have indeed settled on a permanent co host for Bill Watters and the I Hate My Former Bosses Who Fired Me radio show. As we told you several weeks ago the man getting the gig is no other than Bill Purple Hayes.

Hayes was a regular fill in over the last little while and has manned the mic for a large chunk of time in the post Brady era. Hayes, it is said was congratulated on air this morning on Q107 for the new gig.

Couple of quick thoughts. Personally I think this cements the banter that 640 is going to try and get out from the Watters contract. Industry sources rumble that Wilburs deal pays him over 400k annually and he has 2 years left. That will be a nice buyout for Brad’s pops and the husband of the dutchess don’t ya think? (Assuming the numbers are close to what is rumored).

If 640 had gone out and brought in a name, or a young up and comer then I would think differently. This sounds to me it was done to at worst maintain the status quo. At best Wilbur decides to move on.

Personally, I’m shocked that 640 couldn’t or wouldn’t replace Brady with someone similar in age with the same approach. The fact that they didn’t or wouldn’t is really surprising. The sun doesn’t set on Brady, but there are other guys out there who will excite an audience. Steve Koules, Gord Stellick (who’s coming back to the fan for leafs pre and post) to name just a few. Hell they could have hired norm rumack.

As of around 4pm Don Kollins told me that he had yet to formally offer the morning job to anyone. Could that have changed after that? I guess. My sense is Kollins has his guy but wants to ensure that everything is lined up to get it done.

Is it me or is Jeff Blair a solar system upgrade over Rob Faulds?

I don’t want to beat a dead horse but, Jeff Lumby morning show host???

Many have asked me about the nonsense coming out of the NHL today that at least 3 NHL teams want to ban bloggers from arenas. This is just plain silly. The NHL is the only league that is gate driven. There are no other major revenues to teams coming other than fans. Bloggers are fans and for reasons I can’t explain us techies like hockey. Personally I think the onus should be on the team to do due diligence on the bloggers on a case by case basis. If a blogger is legitimate, let them in. If they’re a punk kid looking for free tickets don’t. The. NHL doesn’t have the luxury of pissing off a strong group of fans and going after bloggers does just that.

I’m off to vegas next week, over under on the Raptors is 27 win. Which way am I betting?

Things I won’t miss about the summer of 2010: NHL free agency, Ilya gate, the hockey summit, kaberle talk, athletes on peds, hockey players at the olympics.

Was at Blue Rodeo tonight, man they’re predictably good.

How great has Entourage been lately? Ari and Mark Cuban talking Turtles tequila, how great is that??

More throughout the day tomorrow

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