Saying Nyet To The Fan 590

Fascinating news out of the Sports radio world today ladies and gentlemen. It seems that Don Kollins’s search for a morning guy has proven to be harder than originally thought. It’s believed that the Fan 590 is now looking at options 3,4 and ???????

At first, it appears that Strombo was the man for the job. A deal didn’t get done for a myriad of reasons and then the focus turned to Mike Richards in Calgary. We’re told that as of this evening, negotiations to bring Richards to Toronto have failed and now the Fan 590 must look elsewhere. Also apparently in the running at some point was Dean Blundell. That too didn’t come to fruition.

So, what does it mean? Well, the station has two options, and it says here it really only has 1 option. The only choice in my mind is to stay the course so to speak and shuffle the decks internally and use either someone currently on air or a combo of someones in the ever important morning slot. The alternative is to continue the runway show in search of a host. It seems to me that after looking high and low that it’s in Kollins best interest to stay with what he has.

So, the question is who does he put in the slot???? The candidates are Krystal, Brady, Smith, Mccown and then it gets dicey right? Faulds, Lumby, Roger Lajoie, the Deacon…. I don’t think so. So, where’s a man turn. I think it’s very safe to assume that Mccown is out of the running. So it’s down to Krystal, Brady and Smith vs. the field. The problem with the field is that most stones have been turned. I mean if you are in your prime, working sports radio in Canada and not in Toronto, I’m guessing this market isn’t in your calling. It just seems that Kollins has to look at the three guys mentioned above.

So, lets look at them:

Eric Smith. The Raptors radio guy is good on air, but I can’t see him doing 6-9 radio shows AND Raptors basketball games. Kollins seems to be a guy about continuity and I can’t see giving Smith mornings following games off. Also he is on the road with the Raps so he’d be doing shows from the road a good chunk of the time.

Greg Brady. As I’ve said too many times, he’s in the wrong time slot. He’s done mornings already in Detroit. When I asked Kollins about Brady in the AM’s before – a long time ago, he said that he didn’t think Brady was ready. I think Brady is perfect to fill that hockey central host role filled by Millard and giving him an hour or two to lead in to Mccown is perfect for both him and the station. Brady talks hockey with the best of them and can talk about all else as well. I don’t think Kollins made the changes he made (adios Millard and Richie Rich MacLean) without a clear purpose. Brady was that purpose, he’ll stay where he’s at at least for now.

Andrew Krystal. Ok, calm down. I know what your all thinking, we hate him in his current slot, now your going to put him in the mornings? I agree it’s a total long shot but…….. don’t be surprised. Krystal is the guy who can – and really only does talk more than just sports. Actually, he’s better when he doesn’t talk sports. So if the Fan wants to cut into 680, 640 and 1010 maybe the way to do it is by talking less sports. I know most sports fans will be pissed. Stranger things have happened. It’s a long shot but not impossible.

With respect to the outside world- I don’t know who is left. The challenge is that the field knows how many have passed or not taken the job. How does Kollins go after another external candidate?

Kollins could have a PR nightmare of a problem on his hands here folks. Look, the MSMers on this beat haven’t been happy about the changes (except the 1 guy who spent an hour in studio). If either Brady or Krystal are moved one will have to look at the motivations behind the move. Yes the morning show is important but….the question will be asked about the success, or lack thereof of that talent in the slot in which they have been in for less than 1 month. If either guy is drawing well (and we all know how useless the summer ratings are) then one can’t imagine a move. The question is does a move signify a “problem”?

So…what am I telling you?

Things aren’t resolved at the Fan. Many of the preferred choices are now off the board. Kollins has choices- neither is ideal, one is a hell of a lot more likely. My money is on a current employee or employees taking mornings. Stay tuned sports fans, it’s about to get a lot more interesting in the coming days.



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