Saying Nyet To The Fan 590

Fascinating news out of the Sports radio world today ladies and gentlemen. It seems that Don Kollins’s search for a morning guy has proven to be harder than originally thought. It’s believed that the Fan 590 is now looking at options 3,4 and ???????

At first, it appears that Strombo was the man for the job. A deal didn’t get done for a myriad of reasons and then the focus turned to Mike Richards in Calgary. We’re told that as of this evening, negotiations to bring Richards to Toronto have failed and now the Fan 590 must look elsewhere. Also apparently in the running at some point was Dean Blundell. That too didn’t come to fruition.

So, what does it mean? Well, the station has two options, and it says here it really only has 1 option. The only choice in my mind is to stay the course so to speak and shuffle the decks internally and use either someone currently on air or a combo of someones in the ever important morning slot. The alternative is to continue the runway show in search of a host. It seems to me that after looking high and low that it’s in Kollins best interest to stay with what he has.

So, the question is who does he put in the slot???? The candidates are Krystal, Brady, Smith, Mccown and then it gets dicey right? Faulds, Lumby, Roger Lajoie, the Deacon…. I don’t think so. So, where’s a man turn. I think it’s very safe to assume that Mccown is out of the running. So it’s down to Krystal, Brady and Smith vs. the field. The problem with the field is that most stones have been turned. I mean if you are in your prime, working sports radio in Canada and not in Toronto, I’m guessing this market isn’t in your calling. It just seems that Kollins has to look at the three guys mentioned above.

So, lets look at them:

Eric Smith. The Raptors radio guy is good on air, but I can’t see him doing 6-9 radio shows AND Raptors basketball games. Kollins seems to be a guy about continuity and I can’t see giving Smith mornings following games off. Also he is on the road with the Raps so he’d be doing shows from the road a good chunk of the time.

Greg Brady. As I’ve said too many times, he’s in the wrong time slot. He’s done mornings already in Detroit. When I asked Kollins about Brady in the AM’s before – a long time ago, he said that he didn’t think Brady was ready. I think Brady is perfect to fill that hockey central host role filled by Millard and giving him an hour or two to lead in to Mccown is perfect for both him and the station. Brady talks hockey with the best of them and can talk about all else as well. I don’t think Kollins made the changes he made (adios Millard and Richie Rich MacLean) without a clear purpose. Brady was that purpose, he’ll stay where he’s at at least for now.

Andrew Krystal. Ok, calm down. I know what your all thinking, we hate him in his current slot, now your going to put him in the mornings? I agree it’s a total long shot but…….. don’t be surprised. Krystal is the guy who can – and really only does talk more than just sports. Actually, he’s better when he doesn’t talk sports. So if the Fan wants to cut into 680, 640 and 1010 maybe the way to do it is by talking less sports. I know most sports fans will be pissed. Stranger things have happened. It’s a long shot but not impossible.

With respect to the outside world- I don’t know who is left. The challenge is that the field knows how many have passed or not taken the job. How does Kollins go after another external candidate?

Kollins could have a PR nightmare of a problem on his hands here folks. Look, the MSMers on this beat haven’t been happy about the changes (except the 1 guy who spent an hour in studio). If either Brady or Krystal are moved one will have to look at the motivations behind the move. Yes the morning show is important but….the question will be asked about the success, or lack thereof of that talent in the slot in which they have been in for less than 1 month. If either guy is drawing well (and we all know how useless the summer ratings are) then one can’t imagine a move. The question is does a move signify a “problem”?

So…what am I telling you?

Things aren’t resolved at the Fan. Many of the preferred choices are now off the board. Kollins has choices- neither is ideal, one is a hell of a lot more likely. My money is on a current employee or employees taking mornings. Stay tuned sports fans, it’s about to get a lot more interesting in the coming days.



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September 2, 2010 9:37 pm

At this point he should bring back Gordo. This process has been an epic fail and only looks to get worse. Brady is a keeper but he put him in the wrong show and is quoted as saying he’s not ready for mornings. Obviously whoever hired Kollins never thought to ask him if he had a plan. It appears he’s failed a non confidence vote of the rest of Canada’s on air talent.

September 2, 2010 9:50 pm

Why fire Landry and Stellick before securing the new guy? Wow…what a miscalculation… could prove to be a very costly error. I still think the other mistake was thinking Brady wasn’t ready….he is the guy….period. If Kollins doesn’t go that route than I think he sticks with Lumley and pays to have a revolving door of good co-hosts….and please do not include Sammit in the rotation…Marek, Kipper, Stellick, Blair, Cox, Cuthbert…co-host has to be good….and then let Kollins continue to look….Though I still stay the right guy is there.

What do people think of Bryan Hayes (not Bill)?
Steve Kouleas (I’m not a huge fan)?

September 3, 2010 12:43 am

And the time continues to tick for TSN Radio to come in at the most perfect time!

September 3, 2010 12:52 am

At this point who really cares? I have not listened to Lumby in the mornings for weeks. I knew what Krystal was from 640 and listened the first hour of the first day via the podcast on the website to reaffirm that I cannot stand the man and WILL NOT be listening. Ever. Brady does an O.K. job and I will listen to McCown when he actually shows up to do the show but my patience with his buddies (particularly Shannon) is disappearing.

With the “old” Fan I pretty much had it on in the background at work all day save for the idiots from 2-4 when I’d just turn down the sound. Fast forward to today and I’m listening to AM 640 or Q107, although I prefer talk radio at work. In the car I used to listen to the Fan as well and still do when Bob is on.

I do not want an hour of Blue Jays pregame as it is totally unnecessary. Frankly I can hardly stand to listen to Wilner after the games anymore much less before.

So Mr. Kollins has taken me, a long time listener of this station and eliminated my listening before noon at the very earliest. That sounds like a real successful formula to improve the ratings and impress the advertisers. How many others on here are doing the same? Kollin’s boy Krystal is not getting rave reviews on here and Lumby is so far off the bottom of the chart there’s no reason to even discuss him.

They really needed to have someone in place before they ditched what they had. Landry is probably laughing his ass off and by now mastered an impression of the great Mr. Kollins. There is no one there, except Brady or McCown, who could do mornings right now. Krystal likely could, if you want your morning show to sound like Dean Blundell. Eric Smith is nauseating. Lajoie wouldn’t want it because he does so many other things, nor would we really care to listen to him. Farraway would be the absolute worst. People want to be jolted awake in the morning and not bored to death by his drawn out sentences. Maybe they can just run “Got Game” or other similar crap or maybe just do the Fan replay during the morning show.

My interest in this station has evaporated, something I thought would never happen. I wonder if Kollins is spending some time around Julie Adam looking for some consolation to his ruination of what was a good radio station with a solid core of very loyal listeners.

I do think that there is a good chance that Kollins moves one of Brady or Krystal to the morning show and Hogan gets a day spot again. Of all the folks down there that do talk Hogan is the most capable.

It’s sad to see the station we liked turned into such a joke but it’s awesome to watch this clown Kollins looking totally unprepared and overmatched at his big city programming gig. Let the fun continue.

Mike S
Mike S
September 3, 2010 2:28 am

If Kollins really did say that Brady “isn’t ready” to do mornings then he doesn’t have much of a clue…………if Brady did mornings for many years in Detroit then how is it possible he is not “ready” to do the same in Toronto?

If they are going to pick someone they already have to do the morning show then it should be Brady…………and he should have a co-host…………..he is good by himself but he is even better when he has someone to talk to…………… fact I think most sports radio shows should have more than one host…………….it is very hard to be entertaining on radio when you are by yourself…………McCown does it reasonably well in the first hour of his show but if he had to do it for all 3 hours it would probably get tiresome

September 3, 2010 3:39 am

Wow. Very interesting, TSM. I continue to be impressed by how you manage to get scoops before any of the mainstream ‘sports media’ writers do. Impressive, man!

Unlike most here, I actually am OK with the Fan veering a bit more into ‘guy talk’ in certain hours (probably because I only really listened to McCown and the Jays the last few years anyway). So I think Strombo or Dean Blundell would have been pretty fascinating to hear.

I really thought that Mike Richards was the failsafe obvious choice. He is doing really well on a Rogers sports station in Calgary. Also – he fits the edgy vibe the Fan seems to be going for.

If they do have to go internally. Krystal may not be a bad choice at all. Especially if they pair him with a sports guy. Brady would be good too, but frankly I enjoy him 12 – 3 so far.

Maybe they’ll move one of those guys to mornings and give Jeff Blair a show during the day? I know some don’t enjoy him but he’s on an awful lot these days.

Either way – if they do have to go with Brady or Krystal in the mornings, I think they’ll need another big hire as neither of those guys seem to be high profile enough to host mornings on their own.

Interesting stuff!

September 3, 2010 3:47 am

I have to say – it does seem weird that The Fan is having trouble finding someone for the job. It must be great money (surely more than say, Richards is making in Calgary) and The Fan does have some cache as far as Canadian radio goes. It’s a very solid brand name at this point. Strange. Maybe Kollins has been looking the wrong places?

Raptors Devotee
Raptors Devotee
September 3, 2010 4:37 am

This is why your site has such a dedicated, loyal following TSM, just for scoops like this one. Whatever you do, don’t change your format i.e. adding on television, as per your earlier column, as your website covers what it does so well, don’t mess with it, i.e. like the FAN has done and totally alienated their core listeners.

The FAN is not turned on for me until noon, not even for one second, unless it is changing the station from the previous evening. Good job Kollins, you should be proud. I am actually enjoying the fact that you are having so much difficulty in filling the morning slot, because as far as I am concerned, bringing Krystal in was a total slap in the face to the typical FAN listener, but yes, you don’t care about us anymore, that is clear. In your quest to bring in new listeners, you have abandoned us, and at this point I can not wait soon enough for your replacement to come.

Your handling of Mike Wilner along with not even acknowledging us real sports fans in any way, plus not giving the personalities you canned to have an avenue to say goodbye to their listeners was just classless as far as I am concerned, and those are but two of the main reasons in addition to the above why I can’t wait for your heir apparent to arrive.

Maybe the reason why Kollins is having so much trouble filling the morning time slot is because the way he has managed (lol) things so far, and nobody would want to have to report to him, knowing that he does not have your back, and in fact, one bad ratings card and you could be gone real quick. Word spreads quick in this industry, and no doubt the way Kollins has dealt with the outgoing and current staff I suspect is the main reason why he is having such a hard time to get the talent he wants to sign on the dotted line.

Pat MaGroin
September 3, 2010 5:41 am

As I have stated here before (And got shirt on) Mr. Kollins will not make til’ Christmas.
Clearly,he is way over his head and continues to show it in many,many decisions.
Remember,Mr.Kollins has a new boss now,Keith Pelley a man whom has a proven track record!!!
Mr. Pelley will not tarnish his own record by putting up with Mr. Kollins (aka Smithers) much longer.

Raptors Devotee
Raptors Devotee
September 3, 2010 5:59 am

Pat, I read again McCown’s comments on the day Kollins made the major firings at the station, and it is too bad the audio clip did not work, as I would have loved to hear the tone of voice that Bob used (I can only imagine). Pissing off your icon in the way he did does not bode well for Mr. Kollins. There is a right way and a wrong way to handle things when you join a new organization, and Kollins certainly has not ingratiated himself to McCown, nor to the vast majority of FAN listeners, who many have been now lost, maybe for good. I hope you are right about Pelley coming in and righting the ship, as something has to be done, and the sooner the better. The FAN has now gone from being my go to station to one that I now strategically pick my spots on. We will see how things shake out in the FAll but from TSM’s post, it looks like it is going to get worse before better.

Al from Burlington
Al from Burlington
September 3, 2010 8:12 am

I agree with Rob, my interest in The Fan is also going downhill. The only real time I get to listen to a good chunk of it is in the mornings and after 5:30…Lumby is unbearable so I have not been listening.
In the morning they need a high energy combo who DO focus on Sports – Steve Kouleas and Jim Lang?…
An hour of re-capping last nights Jays game at 6:00p with Wilner is ridiculous.

September 3, 2010 8:19 am

Sadly I agree with most of the comments posted. I was a loyal Fan listener for years. I too would not turn the radio off during the day. Now I don’t turn it on until noon.

I tried giving Krystal a chance but no more. I can’t stand him, nor do I like his format. I really like Brady and have enjoyed listening. Give Bobcat less vacation, and get him back on the air.

Hopefully they find someone for the morning show soon (although I do feel bad for Lumbley – he has a tough job to do in this atmosphere).

Surely it can’t get worse….can it?

September 3, 2010 10:36 am

I had listened continuously to the Fan mornings since Bob was on at that time. I stopped this summer because Lumby was so poor. I listened to the Fan because I didn’t want to listen to politics and off colour stuff. And I don’t think people who want to listen to that type of radio will come to the Fan to listen to politics and fart jokes diluted by sports talk. Hire a guy from a news station in Kitchener? Fire the morning team with no replacement lined up? Mess with the timeslot of the station’s most important show? The list could go on. The quality of the decision-making that is being exposed in public tells you what a rinky dink business this station, and radio in general, has become. Sad.

September 3, 2010 11:24 am

Anyone know the whereabouts of Landry and Brian Angus?

mike (in boston)
mike (in boston)
September 3, 2010 11:37 am

congrats to TSM for continuing to be the best source for info and discussion of this issue.

i’ve said it before: if they are going to keep Krystal they should move him to the morning when his shtick would be more tolerable. people tend to be doing other things in the morning and in 10 or 20 minutes chunks Krystal could be passable. also, the appetite for non-sports talk would be highest as people are getting their days started and wanting to find out what’s going on in the world. he is unlistenable in his current time slot.

if Wilner did a half hour baseball show highlighting top performers, key analytical stats, etc. followed by the regular pre-game show that would be more interesting. i imagine this is all window dressing until Leafs season starts though.

i have to agree that Kollins’ tenure has been a disaster so far, at least from the standpoint of public perception. TSN, you could take half the FAN’s audience if you went on-air tomorrow. You could take almost all of it if you pried McCown away when his contract is up. Do it. the FAN (as with most Rogers properties) has built up some sizable ill-will with its customers and most would jump ship if given a viable alternative.

September 3, 2010 12:23 pm

Wow…what I find scary about the comments here is the degree and uniformity of the negativity about Kollins and the changes that have occurred. Scary, but not suprising. I am in total agreement with most of the comments, especially Rob, Raptors Devotee, and Mike (in Boston).

My idea on how to tweak this? Move Brady to morning (possibly with a rotation of co-hosts, as per McCown’s show) and bring in Steve Kouleas for the 12 – 3 pm slot…as long as he can discuss sports other than hockey for one or two hours. I liked Kouleas’ enthusiasm on the Score, though I did hunt for the volume down button on the remote from time to time.

September 3, 2010 1:38 pm

Just had a look at the website to see what they would do tonight, what with the Blue Jays game being a rare Friday afternoon matinee.

They seem to assume no one will be listening tonight, given the hodge podge of pre-recorded stuff they’ve lined up. Check out this stellar cast:

6:00 – Prime Time Sports replay with Jeff Blair

7:00 – Inside the Argos with Mike Hogan
-this is usually on Wednesdays and was also on Friday at midnight. Hogan getting some deserved extra exposure this week

8:00 – The Soccer Show
-another Thursday night staple getting a re-run

9:00 – The Showdown Show
-see soccer show comment

10:00 onward – Fan 590 replay

No Roger, Seixeiro or the like. Seemingly saving big bucks or just throwing in the towel, who knows – it doesn’t make a difference to the listener. You look cheap and unwilling to make a serious attempt to cover a few hours with a live host on a talk station. It would be interesting to listen to that “Replay”…a full overnight to fill is going to take some digging for stuff to play.

It just seems that they figure as long as the transmitter has to be going any old thing laying around will fit the bill.

September 3, 2010 3:01 pm

I have to agree with many on here, the Fan is now crap. I have been a everyday listener for 10 years,…not any more.

I listened to the Fan because of the familiarity of the hosts and their on-air personalities, which were mostly entertaining (no one can be enjoyable everyday, all the time). These new guys are terrible. Hey, I enjoy a Dean Blundell type of show/personality, but not on my sports stations.

Huge mistake by the Fan590…you lost this listener. Come on TSN radio!

September 3, 2010 3:10 pm

I agree, Rob. If the Jays aren’t on, The Fan just gives up after 6pm. Pretty embarrassing for the only sports station in the 5th biggest market in North America.

On many American sports stations, they have a guy on just before the games (like 6-7) and then late night after the game. Then, if there’s no play by play at least you have someone from 6 to 10. I’ve said it before, but throw Stellick or Hogie that slot (if they’d do it). As it is, it’s pretty sad.

September 3, 2010 4:23 pm

And we know that they won’t run the “Fantasy Show” or the awful “Got Game” tonight because they have to save those for about 3 or 4 airings over the weekend, whenever they need a time filler then.

September 3, 2010 4:28 pm

Just some points:

1. I defend Kollins in that you didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that some personalities on the Fan as I was saying and others here were saying needed to be tossed. Landry and Hogan were at the end of their ropes, and Stellick should be doing a role which he apparently will now do with Leafs evenings, and maybe weekend work. That’s who he is, and always was.

2. Having said that, it’s a colossal failure to be starting their fall ratings period and trotting out Jeff Lumby and Jeff Zammut next week. It’s horrific radio and I firmly believe it’s not irrepairable damage to the 590 brand and to the station. If Brady and Krystal were hired in late July, there was no need to play footsie this long with technically, a more important timeslot.

3. I agree with TSM in that Brady was brought in as an exceptional (possibly) or at worst very solid, lead-in to McCown’s show and a more entertaining and diverse host for HockeyCentral. I’ve always said before, wayyyy too many people in this town, good or not, are one-trick ponies. I am not certain anyone has the diverse background and style Brady does. I was hesitant about how he’d be without someone to bounce things off of.

He’s been much better at 590 than I ever expected, and I’ve yet to hear anyone credible say otherwise. He shouldn’t go to AM drive by himself because he strikes me as a host that, well, you either get who he is and his humour or you don’t. I think he’d work with Jim Lang or Damien Cox exceptionally well — I think he’d work not quite so well with Jeff Blair or Eric Smith. It’s just an opinion.

But TSM is right, he’s not going anywhere, but if indeed an internal hire goes to mornings, Brady will be aware he’s probably more qualified and has had more success in the timeslot in, I’d argue, more of a “sports town” than Toronto is.

Brady did 5 years in Michigan in AM Drive, Krystal did a few in Halifax in the timeslot where he is now. Smith’s never done it period, and he isn’t interesting at all on his own. Halifax in the States would be the equivalent to working in Syracuse or Toledo. It’s a “triple A” city for lack of a better term. I disagree, I think Kollins can’t possibly make that move and Brady could partner up better than Krystal could.

Krystal’s a solo act, Brady, I think can do either. I want to say I’m NOT in love with everything the guy does — but he’s easily as interesting and probably more diverse as McCown was at the same age. Remember McCown is probably 20-21 years older than Brady…so that’s 1990. Sports radio didn’t even exist in Toronto then and the whole format was barely up and running.

4. I wonder if a guy like Kypreos could handle doing other topics. I find his act intriguing. Ray Ferraro is now doing all sports on a Vancouver morning show, so who wouldn’t want to hear Kypreos weigh in on the Jays, or golf or tennis, or what female celebs he finds hot or not?!

5. Either way, the other stations must be having a laugh at this. John Oakley gets another week of eating Jeff Lumby for lunch. I would bet Oakley would sweat going against Richards, or even his former work-mate in Brady. Now he doesn’t have to worry about it.

6. It’s unanimous on the 6pm hour being a rerun. I can’t think of a single market where this happens. Advertisers simply won’t put out for this timeslot — 6-7pm anymore — why would they?

7. I think Krystal will be fine if they leave him where he is. I am very disappointed in his sports knowledge. Every single topic is a generic topic or a formula topic. “Where will the Leafs finish?” — you’re doing this in August???? You can have a little bit of his act if you’re in sports radio..the good ones like Rome and Cowherd do, but you have to become knowledgable with sports. Shouldn’t he do his homework? I’d argue he hasn’t, and no one seems to be forcing him to. Having said that, I find him much more interesting than Mike Hogan, and certainly Mike Stafford, and will be listening. But it’d be a disaster to move him in a timeslot, because then you can never move him back to 9am — then it looks like he’s failed twice!

September 3, 2010 4:44 pm

For those interested Hogan is on the Primetime Sports Roundtable this afternoon. Maybe they’re working him back into the mix because he will be back in a regular role soon…?

September 3, 2010 9:52 pm

Kollins vision for his re-vamped 590 station is not a complete failure only because of his Brady hire. Greg Bradys show, in my opinion, has quickly become a must listen on a daily basis. Not being forced to talk puck all the time like he had to on 640 has really allowed him to flourish. He reminds me of a young Dan Shulman, who was once himself the lead in to PTS before eventually becoming the host of the show.

As for the rest of what Kollins has done: unmitigated disastor. I was never a fan of Don and Gord in the mornings. Everytime they attempted humour I felt they should have squeezed the clown wacky horn. With that said, canning them with no replacement was stupid – and using Lumby as a long term interm host is even worse. Even if Kollins finally does find a morning host, the damage is done, the listeners are gone in that timeslot.

PTS from 3-6, with a REPLAY in the last hour of afternoon drive???? Completely idiotic and I’m sure the fall ratings book will bear that out.

I’ll be shocked if he makes it until Christmas.

Mike S
Mike S
September 3, 2010 11:14 pm

I kind of like the suggestion that Pudge72 made………….Brady in the morning with a bunch of rotating co-hosts would be OK with me…………I always thought that the 590 morning show was quite good when Landry was away and they had Stellick on with various co-hosts (Cox, Freidman, Healy, Kypreos, etc)………….having Brady on with them would be even better

September 5, 2010 2:33 pm

Pretty much fully agree with Julian’s post.

Except I think Krystal could work if paired with a ‘sports guy’. It could create kind of a Derringer and Marsden thing.

I think Kypreos could be an interesting option too. I’ve heard him say a few times that he’s a huge Jays fan, so he seems to have interests outside of the NHL. I’m pretty sure he’d be better with other sports than Maclean was at least!

September 5, 2010 10:52 pm

Daniel, I think Peter Puck hockey segments had more vast knowledge of other sports than MacLean lol. I really think a lot of people are looking at the last few Millman years with rose coloured glasses. The station needed a fresh coat of paint and Millman wasn’t doing it and left the station with 75% daytime shows being hosted by guys that been at the station for over a couple of decades and no new talent in the wings with the ability to take the spot (with the exception of Seixeiro imo) It really hit me when McCown said his goodbyes to the guys and mentioned Landry, Hogan, Stelleck all being there when the station started. That’s not a good thing.

I’m not saying you have to get rid of all the vets, and surprised Kollins got rid of as many as he did, but I do think it’s important to keep the station fresh and have a mix of veteran voices and new voices as well. You have to have it feel that if you impress you can advance in your career in the station. The station was getting to stagnant & full of clique imo. The last few Millman hosting decisions were putting failed PTS co-hosts and friends of Bob (Toth and MacLean) to daytime/afternoon shows. If McCown couldn’t carry Toth in PTS what chance did Hogan have, and listening to MacLean for a minute talking general sports it was obvious he would have been awful as a general host.

Kollins isn’t perfect & made mistakes, the morning show’s brutal & seems like something has fallen through and I find myself skipping Krystal more than listening to him this last week, he’s a bit worse than I expected. But saying that at least there seems to be change. Brady the best new voice in radio since Shulman (heck I find Brady to be a bit better) the station doesn’t sound like it’s run by cliques with a glass ceiling who won’t let anybody new. Remember talented guys like Sansone, Marek, Richards, Straumbo & some extent Friedman were never utilized to their full potential & for me it’s no surprise now their weekend guys is a shallow talent pool of the likes of Cooper & Sammut. If you were a fresh radio host would you want to work at a station where there is no hope for any advancement.

Rob, Friday and Saturday were pretty bad. You were correct about Got Game and Fantasy show being replayed endlessly on Saturday. If it wasn’t for the live sports events (TFC and Jays, which of course is great) it was those shows played before and after the Jays games, with the outdoorsman show in the morning and repeated overnight. I don’t think anybody was doing live studio shows (maybe there was a termite problem there) I started seeing signs of this a while back when they took out ESPN radio in favour of reruns. Now I’m not a fan of Jason Smith weeknights show (I was such a big Todd Wright fan) but Bobby V weekend show was good and Fan590 always had a lot of participation on it’s call in segments even doing very well in the NFL picks where callers play for there station they are listening

James Carr
James Carr
September 6, 2010 12:18 pm

Steve Kouleas in the morning

September 7, 2010 12:34 pm

And today, Jeff Marek sitting in the morning chair….
I’d bet he is your next host – just thinking – and its a nice fit. How ironic if both of watters buddy’s co-hosts would end up at the fan.

September 7, 2010 2:15 pm


Marek’s a steady broadcaster but it won’t happen for many reasons. He’s obligated to do the Sirius hockey show, and he’s probably gone too far down the “hockey” road to be given credibility talking the other sports.

That’s essential and there aren’t enough people in town who the public trusts to talk more than one sport and be entertaining at it.

Look at all the people who thought all Brady would talk about was hockey, simply because that’s all Watters could talk about credibly.

He’s not leaving Hockey Night in Canada to work for Don Kollins.

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