Things Just Keep Getting Odder


No, wow.

I come home from Las Vegas to record viewership and page views on this site and am more confident that there is indeed an appetite for another voice in the Toronto Sports Media scene. The on goings at the fan have proven that despite the loser vile title Toronto Sports fans are passionate about those who cover our teams as much if not more than the teams themselves.

Anyways, you may have read an article I wrote a few days ago entitled ‘saying nyet to the fan 590. The article is here : The story was about how the station has struggled to name/hire a new morning show. Now, I try to have fun with this site if you haven’t noticed. Some stuff is hardly original so I am not one to call foul very often. I understand that those that matter don’t write their own headlines so when something I’ve used appears in a headline somewhere I know not to worry. When a scribe used the same joke I did about the need for Richard Block and Gary Bettman to weigh in on Bob Mckenzie’s new 10 year deal I bushed it aside as coincidence. When Bruce Dowbiggin referred to Bill Hayes as Purple, something I’ve done for years here, I brushed that aside too. However, and maybe I’m being to sensitive here, but when I read this in Dowbiggins’ latest column even I start to wonder:

“Then there’s the FAN 590, also known as Bob McCown and the Other Guys. It appears that the crucial fall ratings book is starting without a permanent host for the morning drive show. While the optics are terrible as one potential candidate after another says nyet, at least you’re not losing ratings. The previous incarnation always languished about five games out of the wild-card position.”

Now, you tell me???????? Are there not a million different ways of saying that same thing? Is this not just a tad bit too much of a coincidence??????

Honestly, am I nuts?



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