Awaken Krystal Nation??!! ESPN Radio!

Hey sports fans, here is the latest rumblings out of the Fan 590 as told to me by a few independent sources, Andrew Krystal will be taking over the morning slot currently occupied by Jeff Lumby. As for the permanence of this move, I have heard nothing myself about it being temporary despite a comment on an earlier posting on this site, and Don Kollins offered a very polite, no comment when I asked him about these changes. While I wouldn’t call the move “permanent”, my gut and brains tell me that it isn’t a move made with the intention of changing it. That is, unless the ratings dictate otherwise this is Krystal’s new gig. I don’t know that for fact, I am just guessing.

As for who takes over the slot currently occupied my Mr. Krystal, I am told that it could be a combination of Jeff Blair and Eric Smith. Again nothing confirmed but that is what I am hearing today.

Also, the Fan 590 will be bringin ESPN radio back starting this Sunday night . ESPN radio will air from Midnite to 5am 7 nights per week. ESPN Radio will be preempted by the Blue Jays when they are out playing in Western time zones.

Now, back to my bathrobe and basement.



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