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Thursday’s Game of the Night has the Minnesota Vikings in New Orleans to kick off the season versus the Saints. Before we get to previewing tonights game, how exciting is it to have the NFL back. Theres no better time of the year. The tradition of Sunday plopping myself on the couch for nine hours is better then any meal or what any woman could provide. Pre-games with Chris Berman and the rest of the ESPN gang or FOX, CBS and NFL GameDay Morning, who ever you get funky with gets my heart racing. The Saints are going to be ready to roar out of the gate with the presentation of the Super Bowl Trophy and banner. The Saints offense looked to have not lost a beat in the preseason, with coach Sean Payton doing his best Bill Parcells impression while Drew Brees keeps the troops calm and collected. Expect running back Reggie Bush to have a good game tonight, the guy loves prime-time TV plus with all the controversy surrounding him these days he could finally have that “me against the world attitude”. On Defense, the Saints will need second year guy Malcolm Jenkins to replace an injured Darren Sharper in the secondary. Jenkins was a 14th overall pick in 2009 and was a really good cornerback at Ohio State, but he’s playing a whole new position in safety so its definitely something to follow.

The Vikings offense on the other hand, is a little bit in shambles these days. Favre might need a week or two more then usual to get comfortable again. We all know how tough he is (we hear it every Sunday, 17 weeks a year, for the last 20 years) but with him missing the majority of training camp and the ankle injury, tonight could be rough. Missing receiver Sidney Rice won’t help Favre’s cause, these two developed an instant chemistry with each other. Rice seemed to always be in the right place when a play would break down and the two of them just sort of made magic. Another thing to watch tonight is running back Adrian Peterson if he still suffers from fumblitis. This was a huge problem last season, Peterson fumbled seven times losing six of those. In 2008 he fumbled nine times losing the ball four times. Peterson’s been an animal since entering the league scoring 40 touchdowns in three seasons, but he’s not helping his team turning over the ball.

Look for a New Orleans offense to romp over the aging Vikings defensive line. With Adrian Peterson on the field, you never know. God its good to have football back.

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday  23rd Dicky Rubinstein!

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