Changes At TSN & MSMers Tweeting Fun

Happy Apples and Honey to those celebrating.

Here’s what I got for you right now….

Word in my ear is that TSN is going to be making a big push for your hockey eyeballs coming this winter. I am told that coming soon to a tv set near you will be a nightly hockey show, aired from 11-midnight every night. While they are talking to a variety of people to appear on said show, I am fairly certain we can all come up with a few names who will be regulars. Personally I think this is a good thing. It will help grow the game more, it may kill the nightly news sports segments, as the hockey fans will tune into that as opposed to anything else. I am hearing that the proposed show will start in the new year. Get your applications to TSN if you want to host!

Also of interest, apparently today is one of Jon Filson’s first days as editor of the Toronto Star Sports section (welcome and congrats) and what does he find? One Sr. scribe taking on another publicly on twitter…. I’m thinking it’s all in good fun, nut nonetheless, it makes for interesting reading.

Not sure if you have seen it, but there was more news on the Roger Clemens Steroid case. After the story broke Damien Cox took to his most excellent twitter account with the following gems:

“Wonder if we’ll get another Dave Andreychuk analogy to explain Toronto police gathering steroid info on Jays for U.S. prosecutors. . . . . .”

“Just searching now for all those Sir Richard columns exposing Clemens steroid use. Or at least asking the question. Gotta be one, right?”

“Oh right. Forgot. Not supposed to ask about the home town players. My bad.”

“Besides, it could NEVER happen today. Not with the Jays. Not here in Toronto. Of course not. What was I thinking. . .”

“Cause baseball has drug testing now. Just like the Olympics. And everybody knows there are no Olympic drug cheats any more.”

“Good thing we’ve got Sir Richard minding the store. Cheer, cheer, cheer for the home team!”

“Wonder who was covering the Jays back then? Must be different than those covering today. . .”

“Blue Jays fans will believe anything. No wonder the Rocket wanted to pitch here.”

“Next Sir Richard column: “What I Was Watching While the Rocket Was Getting Juiced.”

“@bruce_arthur C’mon. Join in. Dick needs help.”

Now for those not sure, “Sir Richard” and “Dick” are referring to Cox’s fellow Toronto Star scribe, baseball guru Richard Griffin.

What’s really funny about this is whole thing, and I will say again, I think it’s hillarious… Is that other scribes have joined in. Note above Damien’s reference to Bruce Arthur, he of the National Post and also Jeff Blair is tweeting in on the action too. As you know, I love twitter. I think this good natured stuff is fun and I think it gives what used to be the stiffer MSMers a more human/real side to them. I think it’s great. The irony is that the golden book on being a MSMer would seem to forbid this type of stuff and there are many a MSMer out there who bash bloggers for doing the same- from basements and or in their bathrobes. Hell, one went so far as sending the following to me in an email response to a column:

“But you, yourself, are not vetted. You restrict yourself to being just another bathrobe blogger with a website title that makes your efforts seem like legitimate media (then spray bikini pics on it for lascivious eyeballs).

I had mentioned indulgence before. I admit to my own spirit of self-indulgence. In fact, it is something for which I am highly paid. Therein lies our greatest difference. I am hired.”

Now, as I said, I love the banter between Cox, Arthur, Blair and Griffin- should he be so inclined to respond. I think it’s great. There are handful of guys in the biz who do it really well, Simmons, Brady, Smith, Lang, Mckenzie, Dreger, Ambrogio. I’m just not sure how different it is than when the rest of us bathrobe bloggers do it 🙂

Happy NFL Football tonight- Who Dat??? Go Saints

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