Changes At TSN & MSMers Tweeting Fun

Happy Apples and Honey to those celebrating.

Here’s what I got for you right now….

Word in my ear is that TSN is going to be making a big push for your hockey eyeballs coming this winter. I am told that coming soon to a tv set near you will be a nightly hockey show, aired from 11-midnight every night. While they are talking to a variety of people to appear on said show, I am fairly certain we can all come up with a few names who will be regulars. Personally I think this is a good thing. It will help grow the game more, it may kill the nightly news sports segments, as the hockey fans will tune into that as opposed to anything else. I am hearing that the proposed show will start in the new year. Get your applications to TSN if you want to host!

Also of interest, apparently today is one of Jon Filson’s first days as editor of the Toronto Star Sports section (welcome and congrats) and what does he find? One Sr. scribe taking on another publicly on twitter…. I’m thinking it’s all in good fun, nut nonetheless, it makes for interesting reading.

Not sure if you have seen it, but there was more news on the Roger Clemens Steroid case. After the story broke Damien Cox took to his most excellent twitter account with the following gems:

“Wonder if we’ll get another Dave Andreychuk analogy to explain Toronto police gathering steroid info on Jays for U.S. prosecutors. . . . . .”

“Just searching now for all those Sir Richard columns exposing Clemens steroid use. Or at least asking the question. Gotta be one, right?”

“Oh right. Forgot. Not supposed to ask about the home town players. My bad.”

“Besides, it could NEVER happen today. Not with the Jays. Not here in Toronto. Of course not. What was I thinking. . .”

“Cause baseball has drug testing now. Just like the Olympics. And everybody knows there are no Olympic drug cheats any more.”

“Good thing we’ve got Sir Richard minding the store. Cheer, cheer, cheer for the home team!”

“Wonder who was covering the Jays back then? Must be different than those covering today. . .”

“Blue Jays fans will believe anything. No wonder the Rocket wanted to pitch here.”

“Next Sir Richard column: “What I Was Watching While the Rocket Was Getting Juiced.”

“@bruce_arthur C’mon. Join in. Dick needs help.”

Now for those not sure, “Sir Richard” and “Dick” are referring to Cox’s fellow Toronto Star scribe, baseball guru Richard Griffin.

What’s really funny about this is whole thing, and I will say again, I think it’s hillarious… Is that other scribes have joined in. Note above Damien’s reference to Bruce Arthur, he of the National Post and also Jeff Blair is tweeting in on the action too. As you know, I love twitter. I think this good natured stuff is fun and I think it gives what used to be the stiffer MSMers a more human/real side to them. I think it’s great. The irony is that the golden book on being a MSMer would seem to forbid this type of stuff and there are many a MSMer out there who bash bloggers for doing the same- from basements and or in their bathrobes. Hell, one went so far as sending the following to me in an email response to a column:

“But you, yourself, are not vetted. You restrict yourself to being just another bathrobe blogger with a website title that makes your efforts seem like legitimate media (then spray bikini pics on it for lascivious eyeballs).

I had mentioned indulgence before. I admit to my own spirit of self-indulgence. In fact, it is something for which I am highly paid. Therein lies our greatest difference. I am hired.”

Now, as I said, I love the banter between Cox, Arthur, Blair and Griffin- should he be so inclined to respond. I think it’s great. There are handful of guys in the biz who do it really well, Simmons, Brady, Smith, Lang, Mckenzie, Dreger, Ambrogio. I’m just not sure how different it is than when the rest of us bathrobe bloggers do it 🙂

Happy NFL Football tonight- Who Dat??? Go Saints

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September 9, 2010 8:04 pm

So is That’s Hockey just going to be rebranded and moved to 11 or are we going to get a whole new program in addition? And I hope that you were being facetious with the “grow the game” comment.

As for Damien, the guy seems like a dick so its not surprising he would double-down on his hatchet job using Clemens.

mike (in boston)
mike (in boston)
September 9, 2010 8:18 pm

I admit to my own spirit of self-indulgence. In fact, it is something for which I am highly paid. Therein lies our greatest difference. I am hired.

sounds exactly like what i would say if i were a not very bright or interesting person who was constantly being exposed as contributing very little of value in a medium that is on its way to obsolescence.

September 9, 2010 11:23 pm

Bruce Dowbiggin has an article up saying that Krystal will be The Fan’s new morning host, with Eric Smith (and possibly Blair) filling Krystal’s old slot.

Sounds familiar!

September 10, 2010 8:23 am

It will be interesting to see if Sportsnet counters and goes with a hockey-only show at 11pm. They may as well. I was no fan of Millard on radio, but have no issue with him on tv. This is why they are very different mediums and talent on one doesn’t necessarily equal talent on the other.

Makes you wonder why anyone would watch NHL Network at night unless there’s a live game you want to see. Very stiff programming and not much personality in “NHL On The Fly”.

As for 590, I’ll reserve some judgement, but I don’t think Krystal’s act will work in the morning drive, but this was clearly a panic move by Kollins. You need a duo in the morning to build chemistry and audience. Impressed by Brady’s comments, but he’s also sending the subtle message that as Mike S said, any thought that he “isn’t ready” stems from ignorance on his boss’s part. He doesn’t have to publicly support Krystal going to that slot, but does so wholeheartedly. If it fails, and I think it will, they’ve got nowhere else to turn for help and he holds the hammer.

Jeff Blair, sure — at least there’s opinion there. Eric Smith can’t be compelling and doesn’t follow the other sports enough to work in such a big market. I just don’t think he’s good enough and I could barely stomach the forced chemistry of the Game Plan show. I won’t be listening much. I’m not with the “bring back Hoagy” crowd, but yes, if you’re in upper management at The Fan and Rogers, I’m not sure how you look at the early months of the Don Kollins era and are impressed. Seems totally disorganized and ill-conceived.

Did I mention Jeff Lumby is on still? Ok, glad I did.

And I can’t be the only one who finds it funny the Globe used a picture of Andrew Krystal getting a job promotion, leaving court after pleading down a violent domestic dispute with a female.

Tough guy, huh? Pathetic.

September 10, 2010 12:48 pm

For what it’s worth –

David Miller congratulated Krystal on his promotion to the morning show, and Krystal said ‘Not official yet. Might be premature, we’ll see’.

johnny fever
johnny fever
September 10, 2010 9:10 pm

for what its worth, the Cox tweets hardly classify as “banter” between colleagues.
Methinks there is animosity there

September 10, 2010 10:53 pm

Your last part I found interesting, Brady mentioned something about this early on his Thursday show. He talked about when sports radio first started you had print guys who acted really snobby towards radio and how these guys didn’t “pay there dues” and anybody can do it. But then very soon their editors saw the benefit of the writers being guests on radio and then they wanted to be guests, segment regulars and then even hosts and this was as far back to a couple of decades back. Now front forward to now, and exact same thing is happening but now with blogs. Mainstream first insult it and now desperate to be part of it. Of course some do it well but some seemed forced.

As for this Damien thing, I actually like Damien, I think he’s a decent hockey writer and I like him on radio. So this is coming from somebody who doesn’t mind him. But his Bautista article was WRONG and poorly written. It’s wrong to take somebody who is just having a good year and throw a loaded question like “Is he on steroids” if so then just rename the “Comeback player of the year” award to the “Are you on steroids prize”

Were there a lot of people blind to this in the 90s. YES, yes there were. I was suspecting steroid when McCown was still talking about “juiced balls”. The difference then is there was a lot is we saw patterns, yes guys who hit 20 homers were hitting 40, and 40 homer guys were getting 60. But there was also guys that were on the decline and past their prime looking like they were just back to their peak. You had guys physically changing in a ridiculous fashion. Plus guys were getting much more muscle tears which is a regular side-effect of steriods. All those things together is something the media should have raised an eyebrow to. But taking an isolated incident (like having a strong year) that’s enough to call somebody else, was wrong and irresponsible.

I might have my times confused but wasn’t Damien doing general sports radio shows during the steroid period. If so why is he getting all high and mighty now, he could have talked then (along with the baseball writers he’s pointing his finger at). His reaction to the reaction of his story was really poor as well. Sometimes it’s just best to say “Hey I wrote a poor column that didn’t get the point I wanted across” (any decent writer would say, if most missed your point than it’s your fault not the readers). He comparing speculating of somebody cheating with nothing to go on to trade rumor speculation, which is kind of a stretch.

Mike S
Mike S
September 10, 2010 11:35 pm

I believe today was Lumby’s last day on the 590 morning show…………..apparently next week it is Doug (Don’t Call Me Farraday) Farraway………….and then it is Krystal…………….and all of this is happening right in the middle of the most important ratings period of the year……………Pat Marsden must be spinning in his grave (while drinking a glass of Bacardi of course)

September 12, 2010 9:30 am

Did anyone else notice that the renamed Hockeycentral @ Noon show, Centre Ice with Greg Brady, Nick Kypreos & Doug MacLean isn’t going to be simulcast on any of the Sportsnet channels. They launch another Sportsnet and they still can’t find time during the day to air this show? It’s one of the few radio shows with compelling content I would like to watch on TV.

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