Sunday Sports Musings

Hope you all had a good weekend. Little TSM has started skating again and the really baby Maple Leafs are playing so, fall must really be here.

Here is a couple of things for your Sunday evening/Monday morning:

Where’s Brunto???? So, Stephen Brunt appears to be around again, and he has yet to take his regular spot next to Bob Mccown on PTS. He was a guest the other day, but Mr. Mcgoo is in the co-host chair for at least the next couple of weeks. So, the question is, why isn’t Brunt co-hosting PTS with Mccown? Well, I had a heard a few things over the last couple of weeks that I had discounted, mostly because they didn’t make much sense and secondly because Brunt and Mccown were away. The one rumour, and it is just that, cause at least for now no one is willing to talk to me about it, on or off the record, that I keep hearing is that the folks at TSN have put the kibosh on Brunt sitting next to Mccown.

Seemed odd to me when I first heard it as Brunt, in my opinion is the guy from the Globe. With the BCE merger this week perhaps it makes more sense but that deal is a long way off from getting approved. David Naylor, it was reported in Fraudbiggin’s latest column(this is called giving credit for information learned elsewhere btw) has decided to fly the Globe and Mail nest to TSN full time, so perhaps Brunt is planning on doing the same thing.

All I know for sure is that it would seem that Brunt should be back in the co-hosts seat at the Fan 590 and he isn’t. There are rumblings that he has been blocked and well……

With Naylor apparently leaving the Globe and Mail and despite the proposed merger I have to tell you that at least a couple of industry folks have told me lately that things aren’t well inside the Globe and Mail Sports department. Call it the summer blues, but I have heard rumblings of some well respected folks looking to move on and rather quickly. Is Naylor the beginning of something??? Time may tell.

Did anyone else notice the coverage the Toronto Argos got in the Toronto Sun the morning after their most recent game??? The Sun has really improved their coverage of late. One may not love all the content (and I am talking sports here) but they certainly focus their assets to those events that go on better than the other papers. Is it quality or quantity that wins?????

I’m sure by know you’ve all seen or at least heard about the end of the Detroit Lions game vs. the Chicago Bears. The game ended in controversy as the Lions had, what would have been a game winning touchdown called back. Get a load of this coverage from the Detroit News newspaper about the game and ending:

“Lions receiver Calvin Johnson apparently caught a touchdown pass with 24 seconds left in the game but the play was called incomplete when Johnson didn’t complete the catch. Johnson came down with the ball, hit the ground, and the ball came lose. Johnson was holding the ball with one hand and as he hit the crowd and rolled over the ball came lose.

The play was reviewd and the call on the field was upheld according to the rule that you have to complete the catch.”

Wait, the play was called incomplete when he didn’t complete the catch????? Really????? No, Really?? And wait, there is a rule that says you have to complete the catch???????????

Gary Loewen is apparently alive and well!

I don’t want to be all bah humbug and all, but I can’t get excited about Maple Leafs Rookie tournament hockey. No offense to those that do, it’s just not my cup of tea. Kids playing kids is one thing. It’s just not mine. Maybe it’s just years of being teased by the future stars of the Maple Leafs that haven’t turned out. In any event. I am glad that the big boys are going to camp and, for sports reasons ONLY, this summer is finally over.

Happy Monday



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