More Talk On Burns, Cox and Dowbiggin

Damien Cox was on OTR today too. The Bruce Dowbiggin/ Pat Burns “thing” came up. Here’s all you need to know:

Landsberg asked Cox about his thoughts on Dowbiggin saying Damien should have have appologized”

Damien’s response: “I don’t care what he thinks”

Damien then added:

“For Bruce Dowbiggin to lecture anyone on the ethics of journalism, is, a joke”

I don’t know why, but I am having a tough time getting a link to work here (issue with TSN not wordpress)

It’s a great segment to watch.



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September 22, 2010 10:42 pm

Pot… kettle… black… remember Cox’s story about Bautista and performance enhancing drugs? Was that within “journalistic ethics” or just another sensationlistic article that he writes to stir the point and get attention?

September 22, 2010 10:48 pm

That was pretty good. Haven’t watched Landsberg show in a long time, since producer Mackowycz left and the show changed. But some strong questions. I was about to post this on the initial topic (with Dowiggin) but I’ll put it up here.

Concerning Damien, man that guy just can’t take criticism. Seriously these guys who dish out the most criticism towards athletes can seriously not take it (on the most part) but that goes with so many guys in the media (not just sports)

I agree with Dowbiggin on there should be some responsibility in reporting, as to answer your question, I do think it would be a bit better if Damien (or anybody) said oh I heard some sad news from so and so that this happened. It seems like he’s just now throwing Fletcher under the bus when he wasn’t going to mention him in the first place.

That bonus topic on OTR with Dowie concerning Sainz was really good. Dowie did what most of these guys in sports were saying that somehow she “deserve that” (now on this topic I give credit to Damien who on PTS said stop to McCown in the middle of Bob’s “I don’t condone harassment but” and Damien said “stop right there, nobody deserves that”) Dowie went on this odd logic of she’s not a legit journalist so somehow should expect that sort of thing (harassment) which Landsberg
said every woman deserves respect even if they don’t meet your “journalist credentials”. Dowie mentioned Cabbie (who does shtick as well) so I wonder does Dowie think players can racially harass him?

September 22, 2010 11:00 pm

FMT is right…As much as I don’t like Dowbiggin, he is “more right” than Cox. I can handle a mistake…even a bad one like reporting someone’s death after hearing it from a trusted source…and perhaps being somewhat distraught if you know the person. Where Cox really loses me is when he feels the need to take personal shots at Dowbiggin…it makes him look unprofessional and weak…argue the point Damien. Also, coming up with a new argument “it was a press conference, you don’t check sources before you report on what was said at a presser”….garbage. This was not a scheduled press conference where media outlets record/broadcast an official announcement. Stop the excuses and personal attacks…it degrades your argument and character.

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