Media Out To Lunch On Bautista

“In fact, with virtually no one celebrating my milestone, and everyone at least wondering — often loudly — if there’s a link between me and the long list of cheaters of the past, I’d be downright ticked off.

And you want to know what I’d do about it, if I were Jose Bautista?

I’d fill the cup. And I’d tell them to do whatever they wanted with it.”

At least so says the San Fransisco Examiner. The problem is Bautista could do just that and no one would still believe him. He has nothing to gain by taking this scribes advice. We live in a world of guilty until proven innocent. It’s not just in sports, it’s everywhere. We shoot first and ask questions later.

“That fact, as much as any other, is why the questions about Bautista’s sudden power surge will remain long after his season for the ages has ended. As long as there are drugs that aren’t covered in the steroid testing, and as long as there are masking agents that can be used to, ahem, muddy the water, the questions and the doubts will endure.”

And as long as their are rules there will be those who find a way to break them. If I’m Bautista, i do nothing. Let my performance speak for itself. However, if you want to shut guys like this up, then get it in writing. Ask scribes like this to write the test, explain the rules and then, if Bautista passes then the writers have to write retractions. There was a day where stuff like this wouldn’t be written. The barn door has been blown off by past bad characters and therefore everyone else is thrown in the mix.

I love how Bob Frantz ends his column:

“My advice to Jose Bautista: Fill the cup. And the syringe. Tell them to test for everything they can think of.

Make liars of us all. It’s the only way.”

Will Frantz agree to write the rules? Will he abide by them too? I mean if he says these are the tests that Bautista has to take, and this is the lab and this is the date and then Bautista passes is he willing to go tell the world that he, Frantz is a big liar??????? Is Frantz willing to put all of this in writing??? If so, and I am Bautista and I am clean then I get my lawyers on the phone and make a deal. Otherwise…… PUNT…

The sad thing is, if Bautista fails next year, we will hear it all again.

He must have juiced 1 year and not the next……..

It’s too bad we can’t just sit back and enjoy the ride sometimes isn’t it??????

Stories like this one are written to get people fired up. To an extent it worked. Most people I showed it agreed that the author is clueless when it comes to reality. I guess when people here starve for attention you have to take the bad with the none. I’ve heard to many people complain that not enough people are recognizing Bautista, so I guess any publicity is good publicity.

If I’m Bautista, I just shut up and hit. Seems to have worked all year.

There is nothing he can do to shut up the critics. Until the day he is actually found guilty of roids, there will be skeptics. There is nothing he can do about it.



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