NFL Friday Preview

NFL Friday Preview for Sunday 1PM

Denver Broncos (1-2, 0-1 away) @ Tennessee Titans (2-1,1-1 home) on CBS

Line: Ten by 7

Reason to watch: Denver’s QB Kyle Orton is playing lights out with a 66.4 completion rating, 1078 passing yards (2nd behind division rival Phillip Rivers) averaging 359 YPG. Even last week in a blow out loss to the Colts, Orton was 37 of 57 for 476 yards for one TD and one INT. The Bronco’s will probably be relying on Orton’s arm again this week going up against a Titan’s defense that ranks 5th in passing yards against (178.3) and 17th rushing yards against (116.3). Coach Josh McDaniels needs to find out if one of his 700 running backs ( 5 on the active roster) can play. Last week, the freshly acquired Laurence Maroney lead the team in rushing with 12 carries and 24 yards (ask any Pats fan they’ll have nothing but rave reviews about Maroney. wink, wink, cough, cough).

Orton has been putting up great numbers without last years leading receiver Brandon Marshall, while journey men Brandon Lloyd and Jabbar Gaffney have picked up the slack ( no, I’m not trying to piss on your head and tell you its raining). Lloyd known for his once in a blue moon incredible catches had 6 catches versus the Colts for 169 yards and a TD, has 14 receptions for 339 yards in 2010. The eight year vet out of Illinois is averaging an eye popping 24.2 YPC. While Gaffney, the former Texan and Patriot had 12 catches in week 3 for 140 yards.

Tennessee played it safe last week handing the ball off to RB Chris Johnson 32 times. Let’s just say it payed off huge against the Giants in a 29-10 road win. Johnson finished the game with 125 yards and 2 TDs making Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell and his defense scratch their head on how to contain him (cause their ain’t no stopping him). QB Vince Young started in New York and will start again vs Denver, Young was very efficient last week going 10 for 16 for 118 yards and a TD. Titans offense was 3 of 4 last week in the redzone.

Sum it up: Denver going cross country to play an early game is never a great mix. Especially against a good home team like Tennessee. If Denver’s D can force Young to beat them threw the air, I think Titans roll in this one.

Baltimore Ravens (2-1,1-1 away) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0, 1-0 home) on CBS

Line: Pit by 2

Reason to watch: This game blows the rest of Sunday’s games out of the water. I hope the fine people over at CTV realize that Bills will be sputtering to 0-4 and hopefully switch over to Ravens/Steelers by the 2nd quarter (hopeful thinking. Plus, I know the Pats/Bills was not the domination i thought it was going to be but the Pats have one of the worst D’s in a while and made Fitzpatrick look viable. I hope the Bills are watching Stanford QB Andrew Luck, the red shirt Sophomore, if he leaves will be considered one of the top picks in the draft and is kinda of guy that could change the Bills franchise for the better).

The Ravens offense that couldn’t generate (to put it bluntly) shit against the Bengals was rolling vs Cleveland. QB Joe Flacco and WR Anquan Boldin looked like Manning to Harrison with 8 catches for 142 yards and 3 TDs. Boldin really hasn’t had a game like that in a while, and really seems to be fitting in with the Ravens. ‘Quan had big games in Zona but over the last few seasons between injury’s and having one of the better receivers in the game (Larry Fitzgerald) on the other side of the field, Boldin mainly ran short and intermediate routes that generated tons of tough yards for the Cardinals offense. RB Ray Rice is questionable as of right now for Sunday, so expect Willis MaGahee and LeRon McClain to share the carries.

I don’t think anyone in Steeler nation could have expected this type of start, maybe 2-1 maybe, but 3-0 just nutty, with Charlie Batch at QB, impossible. Well, here we are and coach Mike Tomlin and the undefeated Steelers face their toughest of their foes without Ben Roethlisberger.  Batch had two touchdowns passes over 40 yards and finished the game 12 of 17 for 186 yards. RB Rashard Mendenhall continued his great start in 3 games he has 332 yards averaging 5.2 YPC with 2 TDs.

The Ravens cut Trevor Pryce in a hope to re-sign him, Pryce decided to jump ship and head to New York to play with Rex Ryan and Jets. Expect former 2009 2nd round pick DE Paul Kruger to get more playing time until Cory Redding is healthy.

Sum it up: This is one of the more intense rivalries in football. With great personalities like Hines Ward and Ray Lewis on both sidelines both teams always seem to get their extra hate on for this one. Ravens could take this one.

Sunday 4 PM

Washington Redskins (1-2, 0-1 away) @ Philadelphia Eagles (2-1, 0-1 home) on FOX

Line: Philly by 6

Reason to watch: Well this is kinda of obvious since the Eagles sent QB Donavan McNabb to the division rival Redskins a lot of people have had this date circled on this calendar for a while. I’m going to breakdown the main characters in this Shakespearian tragedy, First, Eagles head man Andy Reid and his coaching staff have to prove to fans, owners, and media that they knew what they were doing without McNabb and come up game plan that embarrasses McNabb. Secondly, McNabb himself needs to prove his career is long from over and throws for 300+ yards leading Washington down the field in  the last 2 minutes for the win, something he rarely was seen doing in an Eagles uni. Third, Kevin Kolb (or what was suppose to be Kolb), Mike Vick the new new leader of the Eagles offense, coming off an NFC player of the month plays brilliantly for the 3rd straight game and makes coach and owner look like football geniuses (while quieting those PETA protesters)

Of course all of this would be more meaningful if the Redskins didn’t blow chunks last week vs the Rams ( giving their Rams their first home win since before Mark Bulger permanently saw triple). Like really 30-16 to the Rams, that’s just awful, maybe if coach Mike Shanahan could stop worrying about the 350 pound boil on his ass named Albert Hayensworth he could have prepared some sort of plan of attack last week. Luckily for the Skins the rest of the NFC East stinks too so they have hope for the playoffs.

Sum it up: This will be a big test for Vick, who’s playing in his most pressure filled game since his return to football. The Eagles are just too talented for the Skins to handle.

Arizona Cardinals (2-1, 1-1 away) @ San Diego Chargers (1-2, 1-0 home) on FOX

Line: Diego by 9

Reason to watch: Chargers QB Phillip Rivers is one of the best in the business right now at spinning the ball. Rivers leads the NFL in passing yards 1087 with seven TD passes. Rivers has made the best out of not having his top receiver Vincent Jackson and LT Marcus McNeil ( McNeil signed this week and will be back after serving a 3 game team-implemented suspension). Brandyn Dombrowski who is replacing McNeil in his absence had Seahawks Chris Clemons beat his twice for sacks and you could just see him say to himself “I’m just a guard”. San Diego is probably the most talented 1-2 squad in the league but their failure to protect and generate pressure on the quarterback is setting back a team that could contend for a Super Bowl.

Arizona is probably the worst 2-1 football team in the NFL. With wins coming against the Raiders and Rams, don’t look too deep into this years Zona squad. In their loss to the Falcons the true Cardinals showed up and took a beat down from Atlanta. QB Derek “high and outside” Anderson amazingly average as per usual, compelting 52% of his passes with 3 TDs and 3 INTs ( couldn’t be more average if he tried to be). The Raiders offense led by the “Super Talented” Bruce Gradkowski put up 364 total yards and 325 to Sam Bradford (making his first career start) and St. Louis.

Sum it up: Don’t write off the Chargers yet and kill SD by -9

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