Monday Morning Toronto Sports Media Musings

Spent the weekend at multiple rinks around the GTA, little TSM is making his way through NT select tryouts and yours truly took to the ice for the 2nd time in a year as well (more on that disaster later- thanks to Reg Dunlop!).

So, here’s a couple of random thoughts for your Monday morning:

1. Friday was the worst PTS roundtable I have ever heard. No joke, I’ve heard better shows hosted by guys not named Mccown. It was truly awful. The 5-6 hour may have been the worst hour of sports radio ever in Toronto history.

2. Did anyone else read Larry Brooks yesterday? Can someone tell me why he is such an angry man? Is it me or does he come across as a whiny old man who complains about everything. Talk about a guy with an obvious agenda. Wow. I love reading his stuff when he is on, but wow has he been off lately.

3. Steve Simmons had his best column in a long time yesterday. For me personally, I know it’s good when I am either doing a ton of nodding or a lot or the exact opposite. Yesterday’s article was bang on. I wondered why Gillick wasn’t seen or heard at the Cito farewell (which the Jays handled superbly by the way) too. I smell a rat.

4. I heard Krystal’s interview with Jeremy Roenick this morning (sorry no link as of yet). I stopped counting the number of times Krystal interrupted JR at 15. JR is normally a great interview, especially when he is allowed to talk. I loved when the caller told JR how much he appreciated the fact that JR signed autographs for all those who wanted (the caller made it sound like over 300) and Krystal kept mumbling about nothing, interrupting JR who was trying to say why he was always good to the fans. Is Krystal going to tell all his guests that “he loves them”?? Lastly, get a listen to the end of the interview where Krystal says, “here’s the ONE thing you need to know about JR” and starts with something along the lines of, he loves his wife or he is in a great relationship, and then rattles off at least 5 or 6 other things you need to know about JR. Getting Roenick was a great for the morning show, just wish the results were a little better. Great news though, apparently Dowbiggin is going to be on tomorrow!

5. Jeff Blair took to the airwaves this morning, the Jeff Blair Show. First, let me say I am a big Blair fan. I think he has done a good fill in job at the fan and I think he has the potential to be a good radio host. Personally, I think he needs a co-host but that’s me. Now, I am a little confused. When Kollins made his changes he dumped Smith and Armstrong. One of the reasons given was that they wanted consistency at the station. With Smith on the road so much for the Raptors (and I am a Smith fan too by the way), and the same with Armstrong, it made it hard for the time slot to gain any momentum. I happened to agree with that train of thought.

Now it seems that they’ve taken care of that time slot by inserting Greg Brady there. Yet they’ve created the same issue in the Mike Hogan slot. Some days, it appears it will be the Eric Smith show. Others the Jeff Blair show. Soooooooo, you’ve fixed the problem at one slot by creating the same issue at another slot. Kollins said he was looking for a more permanent solution but wow, this seems like addition by subtraction (again I don’t mean in personalities, rather in dealing with the consistency problem).

By the way, Blair had a great topic this am, what will it take you to go out to Jays games. I’ve said this too many times, and Simmons touched on it in his column too, the Jays have to improve the ingame service at the dome. The play on the field will take care of itself. The quiality and availability of food and merchandise, the low quality in game entertainment (non-field) the poor use of the jumbotron – the long lines everywhere etc. are all a start. The reality is, they have to find a way to at least compare with that which I get on my couch. Right now the Jays are eons behind. It’s like watching a game on regular TV when you’ve seen one in HD.

6. Am I the only one who’s had it with the Ron Wilson act? I cringe every time I hear him interviewed. I have nothing against him personally, and I think he’s a good coach. The calling of players only by nicknames, the I’m smarter then the rest of the world vibe he gives off is just tired. Personally, I’d be much happier if he answered the questions as asked and stuck to coaching. I’m not lobbying for his head, or anything like that. I just wish perhaps he took some media training is all.

That’s all for now, happy Monday….



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