Calls Vs. Guests At Fan 590

As Nuke’ LaLoosh said in Bull Durham, “I love winning … It’s like, you know, better than losing”

And so the Maple Leaf season begins.

We are already what, 8, 9 games ahead of last season????

It feels better already.

Admittedly I didn’t see much of the game. Admittedly, I thought the Habs were going to score at the end.


I had an interesting chat with Don Kollins today. I am clearly not the target audience of the new Fan 590. The new Fan 590 appears to be all about callers. The fan, should be about the fan under Kollins. He’s not wrong. It’s just not listening to in my opinion.

When I wake up in the morning, get in the car or otherwise turn on the radio, with all due respect to those who frequently call radio programs, I want to be entertained, educated, stimulated. Those who call in to say how great, or awful the Leafs, Raptors or Blue Jays are do absolutely nothing for me.

Maybe I am the minority, but I would rather listen to a guest then to hear a fan call in with a “great trade proposal”. I’d rather hear a terrific host ask great questions of a guest then to have these open line call in shows that seem to be the new norm at the fan.

I don’t really care that 25 people think Roy Halladay should wear a Blue Jays hat when he enters the hall of fame. Sorry to all those who called in, but I really have no interest in listening to it. That doesn’t mean there should be no callers, taking a couple here or there is fine. Personally, I’d rather see a host find the right balance between callers and guests but if I had to pick one over the other I am leaning heavy on guests.

Kollins disagrees. He appears to be encouraging his hosts to take calls, calls and more calls. Admittedly he said they will still have guests, but only a couple of minutes with each. I am either old school or completely out of touch as I couldn’t disagree more. Over the last couple of days, Jeff Blair has kicked off his show with a quick hit on a topic, a brief 2-3 minute chat with a guest and then 8-10 minutes of solid calls.

Here’s the problem, at least for me. When they move to the callers on such a regular basis, I totally tune out. So when any host is asking for calls on a regular topic, day in and day out, I flip. This morning when Blair was done with Richard Griffin, and moved on to “what was in your head as Roy Halladay pitched his no-hitter” I heard one caller and lost all interest; I was gone to Dan Patrick.

Tonight when I drove home Doug Farraway was hosting PTS with Stephen Brunt. The topic was steroids in sports. The guest was Norman Fost, professor at the University of Wisconsin. Porfessor Fost was on to talk about Brent Mussburger who today said that we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss PED’s as being the most awful thing in the world. There were no calls. Brunt was fairly quite throughout the interview and Farraway was really good. He asked good questions, the ones I would have asked had I been there.

To me, it was good radio. I learned a lot. It left me thinking about things. I enjoyed it. When I hear Krystal or anyone else asking people to call in asking why Habs fans are idiots or something like it, I lose total interest. It’s not the least bit intriguing, entertaining or of interest to me.

So, am I nuts? Am i the minority? The right balance between the two is the obvious answer. However, if you had to choose, which way would you lean? Callers or guests? Callers or no callers? That, is the question.



The interview with the doctor from Wisconsin can be found here

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