More On Dowbiggin Vs. Cox

Beating the Habs is one thing. Lambasting the Sens is well, just fantastic.

What a great start to the season.

In any event, I got a ton of emails and tweets asking for more legalese on the whole rumored legal action by Bruce Dowbiggin apparently against Damien Cox. So I tracked down a Toronto criminal lawyer who had offered the following:

“Cox’s angry tweets are totally vague unsubstantiated assertions that Dowbiggin is, pardon the legalese, a jerk. I would think members of the press need to have a thicker skin than that before firing off lawyer’s letters. The only danger for Cox is that he strays close to the line by implying that Dowbiggen fabricates rumours for his stories which could conceivably cause reputational damage and he clearly calls Dowbiggen’s ethical standards into question. There’s no doubt that people need to be careful about their tweets – the internet is a very public forum and defamatory tweets can give rise to causes of action in law. I just sincerely hope that the twitter equivalent of “You’re a liar!” “No, YOU’RE a liar!” doesn’t occupy too much of the court’s time on the taxpayer’s dime ‘cause if it does…now THAT would be something to tweet about.”

More as this and other things develop



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