It Seems The Sun Is Getting It

As I told you I get the Toronto Sun and the National Post delivered to my home. Ever since I was little I have loved reading the paper and as much I am a tech geek, not one paper has done a good job replicating the paper experience online. Some are getting close, but nothing in mind is there yet.

So I looked at the morning papers (all hard copies) today and it’s quite amazing how the papers differ. It appears that only the Toronto Sun really gets it. At least in my opinion.

Cover story on the Sun is a photo of Hedo Turkoglu. There’s a teaser for a feature the Pittsburgh Steelers and a tonight’s Toronto Maple Leaf game.

What follows, I think is pretty damn telling. The first 2 pages inside are all Toronto Raptors. Steve Buffery’s piece on Turkoglu and then Frank Zicarelli’s game story on yesterday’s win over the Phoenix Suns. The next page is an add (Hooters Girls) and then 9 pages of NFL football. Seriously, 9 pages of NFL football! The next two pages are ads and then a full pager on the Argos and 1 story on the CFL in general. For those counting we are now on page s18- where the Maple Leafs make their first appearance. The Leafs/Marlies take the next 3 full pages (including a nice piece on Joe Bowen’s kid Sean who is now attending the College of Sports Media). There is a general NHL stats page next, before 2 pages on the MLB playoffs. The remaining 2 pages of stories is gold and NASCAR.

Quantity doesn’t win races but the folks at the Sun at least appear to understand the market or their readers wouldn’t you say? The Maple Leafs being 18 pages in on a non-preceding game day makes sense. I am sure there are folks out there who would prefer more MLB playoff coverage or perhaps closer to the front, but I am willing to bet (pardon the pun) that on a Monday morning, the NFL rules even in Toronto.

I am no longer in any fantasy leagues (except the adult rec league I play in which is pure fantasy), and I don’t bet on any games, either in a pool or otherwise. As a result I don’t pay all that attention to the NFL anymore. Having said that, I know I am in the minority big time. Spending enough time at hockey rinks recently I know that tons of you watch a ton of games are in multiple leagues and or pools and may even wager a sheckle here or there.

So if your an NFL fan or “player” which paper are you reading today?

Again, not every story is a Pulitzer. There are good and great writers at the other papers. In terms of coverage, it seems the Toronto Sun gets it.

The online story is much different. The National Post website is still featuring an article from over a week ago on Jonas Siegel (not I am not him) and the Toronto Star’s sports section poll is whether or not the Maple Leafs can go to 4-0 against the New York Rangers Friday night. Here’s hoping the 413 people who voted no did so before Friday’s game and well as for the nearly 800 who wanted to wait and see, I hope you aren’t still waiting. The Sun sports website could be the ugliest of them all, I guess for now I can at least say it’s up to date. Over at the Globe they have a fancy new design, but for my taste they just don’t seem to get it. None of their stories are teased and in some cases all you have is a headline or an author’s name.

Case in point. I am, as you know a big Jeff Blair (the columnist – jury is out on the guy who’s been on the radio from 9-12). He has a really good article today. It’s Blair’s weekly column that talks about a whole host of issues. Here’s the problem. All it says on the cover of the Globe online sports section is “The Look Ahead No love for Turkoglu in T.O.”. Now maybe every NBA fan will click on that, but me for example as a Jeff Blair fan wouldn’t know he wrote the story. More importantly Blair’s store is roughly 960 words. Of those just over 310 of them had anything to do with Turkoglu. So if you weren’t an NBA fan, or couldn’t care less about that story, there is no way of knowing that 2/3 of the story are about anything else. Blair has a good point about Joe Thornton’s extension and on the LA Dodgers not allowing the Blue Jays to talk with Tim Wallach. Those two stories combined take up more space in Blair’s article than the Turkoglu story. If you aren’t a Raptor/NBA fan you wouldn’t ever read the story.

I am but one reader with one opinion. The one thing I’ve learned in business over the years is that the winners generally speaking are the ones who get it. Maybe I am alone, but I’m thinking otherwise.



Blair’s story is here by the way

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