Game of the Night

Game 5

Philadelphia Phillies VS San Francisco Giants @ AT&T Park on Sportsnet, 7:57 PM ET

Giants lead 3-1

Phillies: RP Roy Halladay (1-1, 2.25 ERA)

Giants: RP Tim Lincecum (2-0, 1.69 ERA)

Reason to watch: Looks like the Phillies loss is our gain tonight when Halladay and Lincecum go toe to toe for the second time in the NLCS. Halladay told manager Charlie Manuel that he’d start last night, but Manuel decided go with Joe Blanton instead and we saw how that turned out. It’s hard to argue against Manuel’s logic since Halladay has thrown close to 270 innings this season, and let’s say hypothetically Halladay threw eight more innings in a Phillies win, by the time the World Series rolls around he’s hit that 300 inning mark that nobody does anymore and 20 more innings then the guy’s ever thrown in the majors.

I’m not saying Halladay couldn’t do it, just he’s 33 years old, never pitched in the postseason and he’s signed for 3 more seasons at a price tag of $20 million a year. Sometimes long term plans have to factor in despite the immediate goals.

Since nobody knows how you follow up a no-hitter in the playoffs, Roy Halladay came back down to earth in his second career playoff start. Cody Ross tagged Halladay for two home runs in game one on Saturday, before the whole game got away from Halladay in the sixth inning. Doc left the game one with the Phillies down 4-1, he struck out seven, walking none.

The Phillies need one of their position players to step up at the plate considering the two of the three guys hitting over .300 so far in the NLCS are Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt. Luckily, Halladay is in the lineup for the Philly.

While Lincecum has lost a couple of mile of his fastball that hasn’t slowed him down from mowing down NL hitters. “The Freak” has 22 strike outs in 16 post season innings, he’s also thrown 110 plus pitches in both appearances.

Don’t forget Lincecum is dealing with a blister problem, that the fine people at FOX magnified with fine detail.

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