The Blanket On Sports Betting

Greetings from Detroit- or at least the suburbs of Detroit.

I don’t miss living here but always love coming back to visit.

Anyways, Dave “The Blanket” Perkins has a very interesting article on sports betting in today’s Toronto Star. The gist of the article is that the government is forgoing tons of potential tax dollars by not decriminalizing single game sports betting. The argument is that tons of people bet online and that revenue to the current Ontario sports betting platform, Proline are way down.

Here’s the most interesting part of the article in my opinion:

“Put large, comfortable Vegas-style sports books in casinos — and also in racetracks, where a cut of the proceeds could help save a game hard hit by Internet bet poachers. Then stand back and watch both tourists and money roll in.

You can’t get a hotel room in Vegas on Super Bowl weekend, or during much of March Madness. It would be the same here: Tourists would flock to bet sports. Between legal and regulated Internet gambling and sports books — what they call clicks and mortar betting — governments would score big-time. Godfrey estimates “half a billion to a billion dollars the first two years.’’

I agree that sportsbooks would be popular. I am just not sure the analogy between Las Vegas on Superbowl or final four weekends is comparable with what could happen in Toronto should we get sportsbooks. Do you think people would flock to Toronto to bet on games?

I am not being cynical, I don’t think, I just don’t see it happening. That’s not to say that local casinos aren’t busy or doing well. I just can’t see a large group of guys heading to a GTA based casino to watch the superbowl. I could be very naive.

Speak up sports betters, is The Blanket right?



The Blanket’s article is here

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