Lightning Strikes

After a great weekend in Detroit, your truly boarded an air Canada flight bound for Vancouver and then supposedly on to Sydney and then Auckland. 21 hours on a plane OH BABY!

Well, on take off, there was a large clap inside the plane and a louder zap as a our plane got struck by lightning. The sudden turbulence, the noise and of course the panic. You can imagine the mood not improving much when the captain called for all staff to get to their positions. An announcement was made that the pilot’s were assessing the situation and trying to decide whether we were heading back to Toronto or on to Vancouver. What seemed like hours passed- in fact it was only 10 minutes or so when they announced all was apparently well and we would remain headed to Vancouver.

I’m not a white knuckler, but I will tell you that I was less than amused when the flight attendant came out to poll the passengers as to what exactly everyone saw.

Anyways, what should have been a quick 90 minute layover here in Vancouver is so far scheduled to be 4 hours. Guess if I am not looking to visit the Lost island I shouldn’t complain that they are checking out the plane.


Some interesting things that caught my eye:

“In the meantime, am I the only one who thinks it’s funny that this story was broken and developed by Boston-based reporters, using their ties to Farrell and Red Sox owner John Henry – whose e-mail to the Boston Globe on Sunday thanking Farrell for his service and congratulating the Blue Jays on their choice confirmed the hiring? And here the Toronto media thought all the leaks emanating from Boston would end with J.P. Ricciardi’s firing.”

I have no idea how to answer Jeff Blair’s question except I do have one of my own. Why is it that the US based media seems to be the ones doing most (not all) of the Blue Jays news breaking these days. Old GM, new GM, for the latest on our team it seems we have to look south for the scoop.

“It is hard to believe Bettman truly believes the league could sustain itself through a second canceled season in nine years, especially when the league isn’t at all likely to receive the same public support it did the last time.”

Interesting words from Larry Brooks. I said to a buddy of mine who works for an NBA team over the weekend that the one thing the NHL has done is taken away the old ” ____ league can’t survive missing an entire season”. The NHL is no Goliath and well they survived the 1 year all right didn’t they.

Having said that, I fail to see how anyone thinks that the court of public opinion will ever sway from ownership to the players. Whether it’s a lockout, a strike or some other hybrid, the public will support the owners. It’s just the way it is. The Players are the one who will get blamed. It will be the greedy players asking for too much. The question this time (if it comes to that again) will be do the players have any stomach left to fight any longer then they did last time.

Bottom line, common fan can’t relate to a guy who makes money playing hockey saying it’s not enough or not fair.

Hopefully my next post will be from Auckland or at the very least Sydney.

LT should have the lineup this afternoon.

Don’t forget to vote today in the Toronto Mayoral election… Can’t believe i am saying this but go Ford!

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