Update on TSN2 Hockey Show

So remember way back when, when I told you about a rumored new nightly hockey show???

Word in my ear is that TSN is going to be making a big push for your hockey eyeballs coming this winter. I am told that coming soon to a tv set near you will be a nightly hockey show, aired from 11-midnight every night. While they are talking to a variety of people to appear on said show, I am fairly certain we can all come up with a few names who will be regulars. Personally I think this is a good thing. It will help grow the game more, it may kill the nightly news sports segments, as the hockey fans will tune into that as opposed to anything else. I am hearing that the proposed show will start in the new year. Get your applications to TSN if you want to host!

So the birds here in New Zealand are chirping this evening, and apparently all over Toronto, that Steve Kouleas will be the host of the new hockey show. That’s the rumour anyways. Not sure who else is going to be on the show, however that’s the good word as of this afternoon (17 hours ahead here in NZ).



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October 27, 2010 9:59 am

Oh well, there goes a key piece of my grand plan on how to fix the Fan 590 morning show…and likely any TSN radio morning show should TSN finally get a competitor station going in T.O. 🙂

All I ask of TSN is not to have Pierre Maguire doing a live segment from an arena while Kouleas is also on the air…ears could bleed. Though to be fair to Maguire, he does tone down the volume (and I think provides good analysis) when he is “in-studio”.

Chris F.
Chris F.
October 27, 2010 2:27 pm

If Kouls is the host of this show then I think they’re going for a high energy, younger demographic. I wonder if he can finagle his Puckdaddy friend onto his new TSN2 show? I doubt it but I liked the conversation they had on The Score.

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