Maple Leafs Fans Search For Tofu

Greetings from New Zealand. Many of you have emailed me and tweeted me asking for my take on Happy Howie’s latest blog entries. The first one, an apparent attempt at humour and the second one which apparently was needed to explain the humour in the first.

So, here is my response. I’ve decided to start the Maple Leafs fan search for TOFU.

You know what TOFU is right?

Berger replacement.

I’ve stopped reading his blog. I’ve taken his blog off my rss reader.

I now turn the radio station when I hear he is coming up.

640 Toronto has Jonas Siegel (no relation)

Is he our TOFU?

Who else would you like to see as the Maple Leafs insider???

Join The Maple Leafs TOFU Nation- go Berger free

Tofu is a healthy alternative, it’s good for the heart and helps lower cholesterol

More from New Zealand later



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