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On Fan 590 Tonight

3:01 Can Con At The Breeders Cup: Glen Crouter, Woodbine
3:21 The Baseball Hotstove: Jeff Blair, Globe & Mail & The Fan 590

3:41 Looking Good On the Field & In The Stands: Scott Mitchell, Ti Cats President

4:01 Back in the Ring: Bert Sugar, Boxing Historian

5:01 Hockey, Hockey, Hockey: Glenn Healy, Hockey Night in Canada

5:21 The Comish: Dave Branch, CHL President & OHL Commissioner IN STUDIO

On 640 with Bill Hayes and Bill Watters thanks to Mike S.:

4:40- Steve Tasker (CBS NFL Analyst)
5:05- Pierre McGuire (TSN Insider)
5:20- Jack Morris (Former MLB Pitcher)
5:40- Larry Murphy (Former NHL Defenseman)
6:05- Scott Morrison (HNIC Hockey Insider)
6:25- Cammi Granato (USA Women’s Hall of Famer)
6:45- Glen Crouter (Woodbine Entertainment)
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