Changes in the Air???

Lots of news buzzing around right now.

Here is what I got for you:

Chris Ball (@chrisball) tweeted this am that Scott Moore is leaving CBC:

“2day we announced Scott Moore, ED of @CBCSports & GM CBC Revenue Group, is leaving CBC 4 a new opportunity, We wish Scott all the best, & thank him 4 4 gr8 years-He’s lft @CBCSports & our Revenue group well-positiond 2 build on their strngths”

The tweets continued :

“we’re delighted 2 announce : Responsibility 4 @CBCSports will B assumed on an interim basis by its senior director David Masse. Also happy 2 announce: Broadcast industry vet Jack Tomik to lead the CBC Revenue Group, responsible 4 marketing, sales & bus dev.”

ED, for those playing along at home is Executive Director.

Meanwhile, word is that across town, changes are afoot at Sportsnet, where word is that Doug Beeforth, President of Rogers Sportsnet, is rumored to be leaving effective year end. Are the two connected (pardon the pun)??

Intriguing to say the least.

I am told there could very well me more to come.

Stay tuned.



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